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As part of New Horizons' most recent summer update, players now have the ability to randomly stumble across Captain Gullivarr (pirate Gulliver) while walking around their island's beaches. Upon waking this hopeless bird, he'll ask you to dive into the depths around your island in order to locate his missing communicator. But this bird won't just ask for your help for free. As a reward for your assistance, Gullivarr will ship some sweet pirate decor or clothing to your mailbox the following day.

You know what that means? We can handout pirate garb to all of our villagers and turn our islands into Treasure Island! I'm so down with this, matey! Here are all of the pirate rewards we've discovered so far.

Note: Regular Gulliver will also continue to show up randomly on your island. Unlike Gullivarr, he will not give you pirate decor or pirate clothing.

Pirate Clothing

It's dress like a pirate day everyday in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It appears as though some of these clothing items come in different colors.

Pirate Cannon

Acnh Pirate CannonSource: GameWith

Treasure Chest

Acnh Treasure ChestSource: GameWith

Pirate Barrel

Acnh Pirate BarrellSource: GameWith

Horizontal Barrel

Acnh Horizontal BarrellSource: GameWith

Pirate Wheel

Acnh Pirate WheelSource: GameWith

Pirate Wall

Acnh Pirate WallSource: GameWith

Pirate Floor

Acnh Pirate FloorSource: GameWith

Pirate Rug

Acnh Pirate RugSource: GameWith

Pirate Decor

Make your island look like a pirate getaway with these awesome pirate-themed decorations.

Pirate Eyepatch

Acnh Pirate EyepatchSource: GameWith

Pirate Dress

Acnh Pirate DressSource: GameWith

Pirate Treasure Robe

Acnh Pirate Treasure RobeSource: GameWith

Pirate Boots

Acnh Pirate BootsSource: GameWith

Pirate Beard

Acnh Pirate BeardSource: GameWith

Pirate Bandana

Acnh Pirate BandanaSource: GameWith

Pirate Pants

Acnh Pirate PantsSource: GameWith

Pirate Treasure Crown

Acnh Pirate Treasure CrownSource: GameWith

Pirate Clothes

Acnh Pirate ClothesSource: GameWith

Pirate Coat

Acnh Pirate CoatSource: GameWith

Pirate Hat

Acnh Pirate HatSource: GameWith

Ahoy thar!

Alrighty, now that we know that these amazing pirate docrations and outfits exist it's time to batten the hatches and work on helping Gullivarr. I can't wait until my villagers and my island are all decked out with these buccaneer goodies. And good luck collecting them for yourself, matey!

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