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We've long suspected that Luna and dreaming would be coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in a future update and I guess all that wishing upon a star has finally made our dreams come true with the Summer Update Wave 2. With this fabulous tapir's help players, can visit other people's islands or allow others to visit their own island in the land of dreams.

Fortunately, these visits can't turn into nightmares since players can't bring anything with them to another person's island, nor do any of the things they do affect the "real" island. So now that we know these visits are safe, here's how to visit another person's dream island and how to share your own dream island with others.

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As with all online interactions, players must have a Nintendo Switch Online membership to visit dream islands and share island dreams with others.

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How to download the Summer Update Wave 2

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If, for some reason, the new festivities don't seem to have appeared in your game come July 30, then maybe you need to make sure your Switch downloaded the second Summer update.

  1. From the Nintendo Switch's Home menu, hover over the Animal Crossing: New Horizons icon.
  2. Press + and the game information will display.
  3. Scroll down to Software Update.
  4. Select Via the Internet. The Switch will check for any new versions and will download them if necessary.
  5. Select OK.

Once these steps have been taken, your Switch will search for any Animal Crossing: New Horizons updates it might not have already. Hopefully, that solves the issue and allows you to take part in the summer festivities.

How to visit another player's dream island

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It's really simple once your Switch has received the most recent Animal Crossing update.

  1. Make your character flop onto a mattress and select Yeah, I want to sleep...
  2. You'll be whisked away to dreamland where you'll encounter your dream guide, a tapir named Luna. She will tell you all about dreaming and answer any questions you may have.
  3. After you've learned all you want to, select I want to dream.

    Acnh Begin The DreamAcnh Want To DreamSource: iMore

  4. She will tell you a little more about dream islands. When she is done talking select Yes, I am!
  5. Enter the Dream Address of the friend's island you want to visit.

    Acnh Yes I AmAcnh Enter Dream AddressSource: iMore

  6. Luna will ask you to verify that she's found the right island. Respond with Yes, it is!
  7. After a brief internet communication, you will arrive on the intended island. Feel free to explore as much as you wish. Whenever you're ready to leave, simply get back on the mattress that you arrived on.

    Acnh Yes It IsAcnh Back To MattressSource: iMore

  8. Then select I want to wake up!

    Acnh Want To Wake UpSource: iMore

How to get another player's Custom Designs while in dreamland

Acnh Dreams Custom Designs KioskSource: iMore

If you're visiting someone else's dream island, you might just see a Custom Design Portal during your trip. If you interact with it, you'll easily be able to download any custom designs that the dream island's creator has made.

I've noticed that some dream islands don't have this kiosk. My guess is that it only appears if the dream island creator had Custom Designs when they created their Dream Address. We'll update as we learn more.

How to report a dream

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Visiting other people's islands should be a child-friendly affair. If while you're visiting someone else's island you come across something vulgar or inappropriate, you can do something about it.

  1. Simply press the - button.
  2. Then select Report.

How to share your dream island with others

  1. Make your character flop onto a mattress and select Yeah, I want to sleep...
  2. You'll be whisked away to dreamland where you'll find Luna.
  3. Tap I'd like to share a dream.

    Acnh Begin The DreamAcnh Share A DreamSource: iMore

  4. Select I'm ready.
  5. Luna will take some time to connect your island to the internet before giving you your Dream Address. Write down the numbers that appear and share the code with your friends.

    Acnh Im ReadyAcnh Share Dream AddressSource: iMore

Whenever you update or share you dream island, Luna will send you a Dream Bell exchange ticket in the mail the next day. It's only ever possible to receive one of these a day. You can sell these tickets to Timmy and Tommy at Nook's Cranny for 5,000 Bells a piece.

How to adjust Dream Address privacy

  1. Your Dream Address automatically gets added to your Passport and map. To change this, talk to Luna again by saying About the dream I shared...
  2. Then select Adjust Dream Address privacy.

    Acnh About The DreamAcnh Adjust Dream PrivacySource: iMore

  3. After than select Yes. Make it private.

    Acnh Yes Make It PrivateSource: iMore

How to update your Dream Address

  1. Luna can update your dream island once per day. To do this, make your character flop onto a mattress and select Yeah, I want to sleep...
  2. Now select About the dream I shared...

    Acnh Begin The DreamAcnh About The DreamSource: iMore

  3. Then select Update the dream.

    Acnh Update The DreamSource: iMore

How to delete your dream

  1. Make your character flop onto a mattress and select Yeah, I want to sleep...
  2. You'll be whisked away to dreamland and encounter Luna.
  3. She will tell you all about dreaming. After that, select I want to dream.

    Acnh Begin The DreamAcnh Want To DreamSource: iMore

  4. Select Delete the dream.

    Acnh Delete DreamSource: iMore

Dream machine

Now you can traipse around other people's gorgeous islands whenever you want and without needing the host to be present. More importantly, you can show off your decorating prowess to others online without worrying about them causing any damage to your beautiful village.

Have fun out there and enjoy these new aspects to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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