Animal Crossing: New Horizons — Everything that comes in your starter kit

Animal Crossing New Horizons Starter Kit
Animal Crossing New Horizons Starter Kit (Image credit: Nintendo)

If I've learned anything from Castaway, it's that living on a deserted island isn't exactly the simplest thing. If the bugs and sun don't get you, then the loneliness will. Fortunately, you aren't entirely alone on your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, since Tom Nook and his kiddos will be there with you from the start — although some people might see this as far worse than being alone.

But Tom Nook isn't all bad. I mean, sure you promise to purchase a home from him and you'll be indebted to him for most of the game... okay, maybe he is the devil. But, he's kind enough to give you a starter kit when you begin life on your deserted island, and he lets you pay back your loan whenever you want. That way, you're a little more prepared and far less lonely than Chuck Noland was. Here's everything you get from Tom Nook in your New Horizons starter kit.

The starter kit

Animal Crossing New Horizons Starter Kit

Animal Crossing New Horizons Starter Kit (Image credit: Nintendo)

When you begin your Animal Crossing: New Horizons game, Tom Nook will give you a few things to make island life a little easier: A cot, a lamp, a radio, a NookPhone, and a tent to sleep in. Here's what each of these things can do and why they're important.

  • Tent: You'll eventually be able to upgrade it to a house once you've acquired some money, but the tent will be your first home on the island. You can store items here, arrange your decor, take pictures of your set up, or simply allow your character to chill.
  • Cot: This is the first furniture you'll own. Use it to sleep on or sell it to get some fast cash. Eventually, you'll be able to upgrade to a luxurious looking bed.
  • Radio: Stereo, tape deck, radio — whatever you call it, this device allows you to listen to music just like in real life. It's one of the first accessories that help make your tent feel lived in instead of generic.
  • Lamp: The lamp brightens up the interior of your tent. That way, if you want to take pictures or perfectly arrange your belongings, you'll be able to see exactly what you're doing. Try strategically placing it to show off your belongings to their best advantage.
  • NookPhone: This is by far the most important thing that Tom Nook gives you. It allows you to access several apps that let you take pictures, view DIY and crafting recipes, view your map, call for rescue, and much more. To learn more about it, check out this NookPhone guide.
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