Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Fossil guide

Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Image credit: iMore)

One of the most useful types of items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are fossils that you can find in your village. Not only are these fossils important for filling your museum with stunning exhibits, but they can also be sold for serious Bells at the town shop, too! Here's our full overview of all there is to know about fossils, including where and how to find them, what to do with them, a complete list of every fossil in the game, and how many Bells you can get for them.

Where to find fossils

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Image credit: iMore)

While you may think trying to find ancient bones buried underneath the ground will be difficult, it's actually pretty easy and straightforward in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. As you walk around your village, you may come across star-shaped depressions in the ground. If you take your shovel tool and dig in this spot, you'll come across a fossil. In some rare cases, it may be another object. During the Bunny Day holiday, for example, you might find Earth eggs; however, the vast majority of the time, these spots contain fossils in them.

You can find up to four fossils per day in your village, so we recommend thoroughly searching every bit of land on the island. You can also come across these valuable pieces of history when you take Mystery Island Tours. Fossils can be buried anywhere, including tricky spots like on the edges of small cliffs, so keep a sharp eye out.

Getting your fossils assessed

Animal Crossing New Horizons Museum Inside

Animal Crossing New Horizons Museum Inside (Image credit: iMore)

Now that you have some fossils, you'll need to have Blathers, the owl that operates the town museum, assess them. If you don't have them assessed, they won't sell for much at Nook's Cranny, and Blathers won't be able to accept them as donations either. You need to have them assessed. Who would want to buy some unknown lump of questionable dirt anyway?

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Thankfully, getting the fossils assessed is a quick and straightforward process. Here's what you need to do:

  • Enter the museum.
  • Speak to Blathers.
  • Select Assess fossils.
  • Select all of the fossils in your inventory.
  • Press the + Button to confirm.

Once you do this, Blathers will identify what each fossil is. You can easily tell the difference between assessed fossils and unassessed ones in your inventory by the skull-and-bones icon. Hovering over an assessed fossil in your inventory will show you what specific type it is.

What to do with fossils

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Image credit: iMore)

Now that you've gotten your fossils identified, there are three main things that you can do with them. Firstly, you can donate them to your museum by speaking to Blathers and telling him that you want to donate, just as you would with bugs or fish. If Blathers notices a fossil the museum doesn't have yet, he'll ask if you want to donate it after his assessment. We recommend doing this since the exhibit looks really cool once you fill it with fossils, and you'll be rewarded with Nook Miles for your donation efforts. Once you donate a fossil type once, though, Blathers won't take any duplicates in the future.

Your second option is to sell them for Bells, which can be surprisingly lucrative. Each fossil in the game sells for at least 1,000 Bells, and most of them will sell for more than that. Duplicate fossils can get you anywhere between 10,000-15,000 Bells daily. Not bad for digging some holes!

Lastly, you have the option of using assessed fossils as furniture, which is a cool way to add some unique flair to a room in your house. Since you can place furniture outside, too, you could also get creative and design a custom outdoor fossil exhibit if you want to. Just be aware that many fossils are massive and take up a lot of space.

A complete list of fossils and their selling prices

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Image credit: iMore)

There are a whopping 73 unique fossils to find in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and each one comes with its own selling price. Some pieces are standalone, while others are part of a set. Here's a full list of every fossil in the game.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Fossil nameFossile classSelling price
AcanthostegaStandalone2,000 Bells
AmberStandalone1,200 Bells
AmmoniteStandalone1,100 Bells
AnomalocarisStandalone2,000 Bells
ArchaeopteryxStandalone1,300 Bells
AustralopithStandalone1,100 Bells
CoproliteStandalone1,100 Bells
Dinosaur trackStandalone1,000 Bells
DunkleosteusStandalone3,500 Bells
EusthenopteronStandalone2,000 Bells
JuramaiaStandalone1,000 Bells
MyllokunmingiaStandalone1,500 Bells
Shark-tooth patternStandalone1,000 Bells
TrilobiteStandalone1,300 Bells
Ankylo skullAnkylosaurus5,000 Bells
Ankylo torsoAnkylosaurus3,000 Bells
Ankylo tailAnkylosaurus2,500 Bells
Archelon skullArchelon4,000 Bells
Archelon tailArchelon3,500 Bells
Brachio skullBrachiosaurus6,000 Bells
Brachio chestBrachiosaurus5,500 Bells
Brachio pelvisBrachiosaurus5,000 Bells
Brachio tailBrachiosaurus5,500 Bells
Deinony torsoDeinonychus3,000 Bells
Deinony tailDeinonychus2,500 Bells
Dimetrodon skullDimetrodon5,500 Bells
Dimetrodon torsoDimetrodon5,000 Bells
Diplo skullDiplodocus5,000 Bells
Diplo neckDiplodocus4,500 Bells
Diplo chestDiplodocus4,000 Bells
Diplo pelvisDiplodocus4,500 Bells
Diplo tailDiplodocus5,000 Bells
Diplo tail tipDiplodocus4,000 Bells
Iguanodon skullIguanodon4,000 Bells
Iguanodon torsoIguanodon3,500 Bells
Iguanodon tailIguanodon3,000 Bells
Mammoth skullMammoth3,000 Bells
Mammoth torsoMammoth2,500 Bells
Megacero skullMegacerops4,500 Bells
Megacero torsoMegacerops3,500 Bells
Megacero tailMegacerops3,000 Bells
Left Megalo sideMegaloceros4,000 Bells
Right Megalo sideMegaloceros5,500 Bells
Ophthalmo skullOphthalmosaurus2,500 Bells
Ophthalmo torsoOphthalmosaurus2,000 Bells
Pachysaurus skullPachycephalosaurus4,000 Bells
Pachysaurus tailPachycephalosaurus3,500 Bells
Parasaur skullParasaurolophus3,500 Bells
Parasaur torsoParasaurolophus3,000 Bells
Parasaur tailParasaurolophus2,500 Bells
Plesio skullPlesiosaurus4,000 Bells
Plesio tailPlesiosaurus4,500 Bells
Plesio bodyPlesiosaurus4,500 Bells
Ptera bodyPteranodon4,000 Bells
Right Ptera wingPteranodon4,500 Bells
Left Ptera wingPteranodon4,500 Bells
Quetzal torsoQuetzalcoatlus4,500 Bells
Right quetzal wingQuetzalcoatlus5,000 Bells
Left quetzal wingQuetzalcoatlus5,000 Bells
Sabertooth skullSabertooth tiger2,500 Bells
Sabertooth tailSabertooth tiger2,000 Bells
Spino skullSpinosaurus4,000 Bells
Spino torsoSpinosaurus5,000 Bells
Spino tailSpinosaurus4,000 Bells
Stego skullStegosaurus5,000 Bells
Stego torsoStegosaurus4,500 Bells
Stego tailStegosaurus4,000 Bells
Tricera skullTriceratops5,500 Bells
Tricera torsoTriceratops5,000 Bells
Tricera tailTriceratops4,500 Bells
T-Rex skullTyrannosaurus rex6,000 Bells
T-Rex torsoTyrannosaurus rex5,500 Bells
T-Rex tailTyrannosaurus rex5,000 Bells

Have you found all your fossils?

Fossil hunting is simple, easy, and if you fill up your museum fast, you can make a lot of Bells to pay off those pesky home loans. A little digging is worth it sometimes, so happy fossil hunting!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available for $60 on Nintendo Switch.

Brendan Lowry