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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is finally available, and we're all enjoying our island paradise as a literal escape from the real world right now. One of the new features in ACNH is the Nook Mileage Program, which awards you with Nook Miles. These are points that you can spend on various items for the island, or you can participate in certain activities, like traveling to random islands for resources and villagers.

Since you want those Nook Miles to purchase a ticket to a random island (2,000 Nook Miles each), you may find yourself running low on Miles now and then. Here are a few tips on how to get them fast.

Do your daily Nook Stop check

Acnh Nook Stop Kiosk

Acnh Nook Stop Kiosk (Image credit: iMore)

Tom Nook has the Nook Stop kiosk in the Resident Services building (or tent if you're still early in the game). You get some Nook Miles just for checking it every day, and the amount you get increases with each consecutive visit, up to the seventh day (300 Miles), then it resets. This is one of the easiest ways to earn some free Nook Miles, so make sure to check-in at the start of each day!

Play enough to unlock Nook Miles+

Acnh Nook Miles Plus Claim

Acnh Nook Miles Plus Claim (Image credit: iMore)

After you pay off your initial moving in debt (a measly 49,800 Bells or 5,000 Nook Miles), you unlock Nook Miles+. Nook Miles+ are tasks that you want to do right now, and once you complete one, it gets replaced with another random task. These tasks will usually award you between 150-300 Nook Miles each, and some even have "X2" on it, so you get double the amount.

It's highly recommended to check what tasks you have for Nook Miles+, focus on those and complete them, then move on to the next task. If you concentrate on the Nook Miles+, then you should be racking up those Miles in no time at all!

Just play the game

Acnh Nook Miles Claim

Acnh Nook Miles Claim (Image credit: iMore)

Most of the tasks in the regular Nook Mileage Program have multiple tiers, so you can continue to earn Nook Miles by just collecting things and reaching a certain threshold. You can get Nook Miles for just doing pretty much anything, including collecting fruit, fishing, catching bugs, smashing rocks, talking to neighbors, discovering fossils, watering flowers, and much more. In short, just keep playing and enjoying the game — you'll get tons of Nook Miles very fast.

Any questions?

Earning Nook Miles is pretty easy — you just pretty much play the game, and they'll come rolling in. You'll want those Nook Miles to redeem for Nook Miles Tickets (travel to random islands), more bag space, the tool wheel, new hairstyles, and many more fun items. Don't forget to check out our general ACNH tips and tricks for getting even more out of the game.

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