Animal Crossing: New Horizons maple leaf guide — How to gather maple leaves and craft maple leaf DIY recipes

Acnh Autumn
Acnh Autumn (Image credit: iMore)

Animal Crossing continues to change things up and gives us something to do throughout the year, making it one of the best Nintendo Switch games out there. During a 10-day stretch in November, players find maple leaves falling from the sky. If you collect enough of them, you'll be able to craft adorable autumn maple leaf DIY recipes to decorate your island with. Here's everything you need to know about Animal Crossing maple leaf gathering and crafting.

How to get a maple leaf

Acnh Catch Maple Leaf

Acnh Catch Maple Leaf (Image credit: iMore)

Although leaves fall around your island to represent fall during the Autumn months, you can only collect maple leaves from November 16 - November 26 in the Northern Hemisphere or from April 16 - April 25 if you're playing in the Southern Hemisphere.

Just like with how you collect Cherry Blossom petals in spring, you need to use your bug net to collect a maple leaf. Thing is, only some leaves can be collected. To catch them, run around your island with your bug net in hand. When you see a larger maple leaf than normal flitting around, run up to it and catch it with your net quickly before it disappears.

How much does a maple leaf sell for?

Acnh Maple Leaf Nooks Cranny

Acnh Maple Leaf Nooks Cranny (Image credit: iMore)

If you head to Nook's Cranny, Timmy and Tommy will offer you 200 Bells for each maple leaf you want to sell.

How to get Maple Leaf DIY recipes

Aside from the Red-Leaf Pile DIY recipe given to you by Isabelle and Tom Nook, the only way to get Maple Leaf DIY recipes is to shoot down balloons floating over your island. So make sure to get your slingshot ready whenever a balloon goes over your head.

All Maple Leaf DIY Recipes

Animal Crossing New Horizons Harveys Island Cornimer (Image credit: iMore)

Some Maple Leaf DIY recipes require you to use acorns and pinecones, so be sure to gather those from trees when you can. If you've unlocked Tortimer and Cornimer at Harvey's Island plaza, he can also help you quickly acquire acorns.

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NameRequired Materials
Autumn Wall○ Wood x 5
○ Clumb of Weeds x 5
○ Maple Leaf x 10
Colored-Leave Flooring○ Clump of Weeds x 15
○ Maple Leaf x 10
Leaf Stool○ Wood x 3
○ Maple Leaf x 3
Maple-Leaf Pochette○ Maple Leaf x 6
Maple Leaf Pond Stone○ Stone x 10
○ Maple Leaf x 3
Maple-Leaf Umbrella○ Maple Leaf x 7
Red-Leaf Pile○ Clump of Weeds x 4
○ Maple Leaf x 3
Tree's Bounty Arch○ Clay x 4
○ Tree Branch x 8
○ Acorn x 4
○ Pine Cone x 5
○ Maple Leaf x 4
Tree's Bounty Big Tree○ Clay x 4
○ Acorn x 6

Animal Crossing maple leaf guide

Now you know everything there is to know about maple leaf gathering and crafting. Good luck getting all of the leaves you want so you can decorate your island to fall perfection.

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