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When I got up this morning, I was excited to see how my Animal Crossing villagers would dress for Bunny Day. I'm happy to say that I was not disappointed. Upon exiting my house, I quickly discovered that my villagers were each wearing a different version of the Bunny Day egg outfits. But what makes it even better is that they were going about their usual activities while wearing this festive getup. Here are pictures of some of the cutest villagers in their Bunny Day best.


I just had to start with Sprinkle since she's my favorite villager. I love that she chose to wear the Water-egg outfit as it blends in with her blue coloring. Look at how adorable she is!

Acnh Bunny Day Outfits SprinkleSource: iMore


Flora was out looking for bugs when I snapped this gorgeous picture of her. I love that she goes about her regular activities even though she's dressed as a giant egg.

Acnh Bunny Day Outfits FloraSource: iMore


I found Boomer lifting weights in the Resident Services plaza. His serious concentration face was that much more adorable considering he had an egg shell on top of his aviator helmet.

Acnh Bunny Day Outfits BoomerSource: iMore

Sterling and Benedict

These two birds were chatting up a storm when this picture was taken. I love that Sterling wears his egg shell hat on top of his helmet. I'm still not sure if that's a part of his body or if he's actually wearing a medieval helmet.

Acnh Bunny Day Outfits Sterling BenedictSource: iMore


This is one of my favorite pictures of Axel because I took it while he was about to savor a donut. He's one of my jock villagers and as such, he's always talking about eating right and exercising. I guess even he gets to indulge on Bunny Day.

Acnh Bunny Day Outfits AxelSource: iMore


Merengue had places to go and things to see. As such, she would hardly stay still. This was the best picture I could get of her in her adorable Bunny Day attire. Looks like she's resting in the shade while considering on a vending machine snack.

Acnh Bunny Day Outfits MerengueSource: iMore


I guess this blue goat didn't get satisfied during yesterday's Fishing Tourney. When I found him, he was fishing on the river in his cute Bunny Day egg clothes.

Acnh Bunny Day Outfits SherbSource: iMore


Not gonna lie. I kind of think Barold's a creep. I mean, his house is decked out with surveillance cameras and monitors, so there are grounds for how I feel. But this picture caught him at just the right moment to where he looks cute in his Bunny Day egg outfit.

Acnh Bunny Day Outfits BaroldSource: iMore


Though he looks grumpy, Ken is secretly sweet and super fashion conscious. He always wears clothing that matches the color scheme of his blue-ish purple feathers. Gotta admit, that Water-egg outfit does look good on him.

Acnh Bunny Day Outfits KenSource: iMore


This adorable pup looks like she's on her way to the mall for a shopping spree. I love that she's holding her little pink purse while showing off her festive Leaf-egg clothing.

Acnh Bunny Day Outfits CookieSource: iMore


This gentle octopus was tending some flowers when I came upon him and took this shot. He looks eggcellent in that sweet Bunny Day getup.

Acnh Bunny Day Outfits ZuckerSource: iMore

Some bunny is dressed to impress

I absolutely love that my villagers dress up for different events and holidays. It makes me that much more excited to jump into my New Horizons game just so I can see their adorable outfits. It's really hard deciding which one of them pulls off these Bunny Day egg costumes the best. They're all winners in my eyes. Have a wonderful Easter Sunday everyone!

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