Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wedding Season guide — Heart crystals, photography, and more

Acnh Wedding Season
Acnh Wedding Season (Image credit: iMore)

With its long days and warm weather, summer is traditionally one of the busiest times for weddings. Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows players to celebrate this fact by hosting Wedding Season for the entire month of June, from the 1st through the 31st. Here's everything you need to know about these merry festivities.

What to do for Wedding Season

Acnh Wedding Season

Acnh Wedding Season (Image credit: iMore)

During the whole month of June, players are able to travel to Harv's Island and meet Reese and Cyrus, two alpacas who are very much in love. These lovebirds want to celebrate their anniversary by getting dolled up and having their pictures taken in a romantic environment. It's up to you to decorate Harv's house to perfection and then take these alpacas' pictures.

Acnh Wedding Season (Image credit: iMore)

How to get Wedding Season started

To get things started, all you have to do is turn your game on within the month of June. You'll receive a call from Harvey stating that he wants help with a special photography session. Travel to his island and you'll meet Reese and Cyrus. Reese will tell you what theme she's looking for. Decorate the room to match her theme and then talk to Reese again. Remember that you can change the colors of the items by pressing X when you have a piece of furniture selected.

Reese will now ask you to take their picture. Position everyone the way you want and make them emote with the Reactions that you want. Then take the picture. Now run up to Reese and show her the image you've snapped. To thank you for your help, Reese will give you an item as well as heart crystals. The better job you do of matching Reese's theme, the more heart crystals you'll receive. Heart crystals can be traded with Cyrus for furniture. You'll be able to come back every day and Reese will give you a different theme to decorate for.

This is really the perfect activity for hopeless romantics and lovebirds. There are wedding-centric decorations and furniture, including things like flowers and church pews.

Furniture you can get from Cyrus with heart crystals

Acnh Wedding Season

Acnh Wedding Season (Image credit: iMore)

If you speak with Cyrus, you can trade those heart crystals you've earned for various pieces of furniture. Here are all of the items you can currently get from him along with how many heart crystals they sell for.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Wedding ItemHeart Crystals
Wedding Decorations3
Blue Wedding Rug4
Wedding Bench5
White Wedding Wall12
White Wedding Flooring12

Who are Reese and Cyrus?

Acnh Cyrus and Reese (Image credit: Nintendo)

These adorable alpacas first appeared in New Leaf where the two of them ran the Re-Tail store. Re-Tail functioned much like Nook's Cranny where players could sell materials and items to the pink alpaca, Reese, for Bells. One noteable difference was that Re-Tail also kind of functioned like Craigslist. Players could place items for sale within the shop and set a price for that item. Another player might walk into their own Re-Tail shop and see another person's item for sale. If they agreed to the price, the other player could purchase the item and use it in their own village.

After meeting certain conditions, players could ask Cyrus, the blue alpaca, to alter the appearance of various furniture they brought in. However, players didn't know what the furniture would look like after placing an order with Cyrus unless they gave him a pattern to work from. The catch with giving him a pattern was that it would then be permanently removed from the player's menu. Eventually, Cyrus could also shrink the size of fossils making it easier for players to display them in their homes.

It's uncertain whether or not Reese and Cyrus will open up a shop in New Horizons. We would definitely like to have the ability to post unwanted items for other players to purchase, so hopefully Re-Tail or something like it pops up on our islands. We'll update when we learn more about this.

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