There are hundreds of thousands of iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps for just about everything -- so how come the one you need, the one you know just has to be there, is so hard to find? Enter TiPb's weekly feature where staff and readers alike sort through the App Store and help you find just the right App for That. This week, Jeremy asks:

I have had several cases where it would be extremely helpful to have some kind of note taking application on my iPad that had a focus on an associated picture. For example, I'm looking for an app that will let me take pictures of someone in different poses and have notes on them to show to other people later, write down my thoughts, and then review them all at once later.

Thank you for any help you can provide!

To see what we found for Jeremy, follow along after the break!

Awesome Note HD [$4.99 - App Store link] is the perfect app for Jeremy! In addition to many other cool features, Awesome Note HD allows you to create notes that contain both photos and text. You can also create custom folders for better organization. As a photographer, this is great for Jeremy, because he can have different folders for poses, location scouting, landscapes, etc.

Although Jeremy is specifically asking for an iPad app, Awesome Note is also available on the iPhone [App Store link] and can be synced with the help of Evernote or Google Docs.

The free version of Awesome Note [App Store link] has a limit of 10 notes and does not have syncing ability, but it's a fantastic way to try out the app.

Anyone else have any App for That suggestions for Jeremy? Let him -- and all of us -- know in the comments.

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