There are hundreds of thousands of iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps for just about everything -- so how come the one you need, the one you know just has to be there, is so hard to find? Enter TiPb's new weekly feature where staff and readers alike sort through the App Store and help you find just the right App for That. This week, Scott asks:

I recently was lucky enough to find my current girlfriend and couldn't be happier. I wanted to try and impress her and her family, though, by learning their native language - Russian. Can you please help?

This was an interesting inquiry as there are several different options depending on the level of mastery Scott is trying to achieve and his budget. To see our recommendations, follow along after the break!

The most expensive, but probably most effective, solution is Rosetta Stone. Version 4 includes an option for a subscription to TOTALe which allows access to their iOS companion apps, TOTALe Companion [Free - iTunes link] and TOTALe Companion HD [iPad iTunes link]. At $180-$380 for the computer software and $10-$25 per month for the TOTALe subscription, Rosetta Stone is not a cheap option, but it has a great reputation of being extremely effective and a money back guarantee. (Screenshot is an example from the Spanish software).

Next up, we have MyWords - Learn Russian Vocabulary [$9.99 - iTunes link]. This app will teach you 10 new Russian words a day. In addition to the English translation, each word includes the proper spelling as well as audio to hear the correct pronunciation. It also includes quizzes and a word bank to keep track of how many words you've learned. At 10 words a day, this app can help you learn a lot of vocabulary fairly quickly (as long as you put in the effort).

One of the challenges of learning Russian is the different alphabet. That's where Russian Alphabet + Audio [$1.99 - iTunes link] comes into play. This app is basically flashcards of the Russian alphabet and each flashcard includes a phonetic pronunciation by comparing to an English word as well as an audio pronunciation.

Lastly, SpeakEasy Russian [$3.99 - iTunes link] for iPhone and iPad teaches 650 spoken and phonetically written words and expressions. This app won't exactly make you fluent in Russian, but it will get you started with the common phrases.

So there you have it! Four different apps that will help Scott learn Russian, each with a unique emphasis. Anyone else have any App for That suggestions for Scott? Let him -- and all of us -- know.

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