App Preview: Qik About to Stream Live on the iPhone? Join Kevin Now!

Yup, Kevin Rose is back, back again, this time with a sneak peak at Qik for the iPhone, the online video broadcasting App that everyone and their Twitter-feed was "going live" with on the Nokia N95 last year.

Not a jailbreak, but a real honest-to-Steveness App Store application, Kevin says it will be available soon. We say... will Apple approve it? And if they do, what will it say having internet broadcast video capability on a device that still lacks support for local video recording?

Who knows? As Dieter points out, Apple's cagey approval/rejection process is still incomprehensible.

Qik looks to be One Sweet App, however, and we can't wait for it to "go live." Can you?

Rene Ritchie

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  • long time reader, first time commented. lol. This is awesome! There's been other streaming video apps for iPhone (Jailbroken) but this one being legit and pretty UI friendly, GEO-tagging and chat viewing. Awesome, and possibly free? Whoa!
  • is this the first real app to make the camera into a video recorder? :D
  • this is awesome! I can't wait to stream from my motorcycle!
  • Betcha Apple won't approve it for use on 3G networks, only WIFI!
  • I'd guess wifi only too, orb has been waiting to get approved for weeks
  • As developer, the only way to do this is to use "unpublished APIs" which violate the terms of the SDK. There isn't a snow balls chance in hell that it will get approved until Apple releases something that we are allowed to use.
  • When this app drops (if ever) it will be great. For some reason though I dont think apple will ever approve it, which is really sad. As cool as the iphone is some of the things you have to deal with (not being able to make anything a ringtone/sms tone, no copy/paste) sucks.
  • I agree with Zac above, there's no way to do this using the iPhone SDK's official APIs. If Apple approved this, I'd be surprised but also quite intrigued. What other SDK gray areas will Apple allow?