App Store close to 10 billion downloads, win $10,000 iTunes gift card from Apple

Well it looks as though Apple's App Store is nearing the 10 billion downloads mark and if you are the person who makes Apple hit the 10 billionth download you could be $10,000 richer (well in the form of an iTunes gift card that is)! Seems like that would be the best app you would have ever downloaded. You can also enter for the gift card without downloading an app but I personally will be checking their site and seeing where the numbers are and at least try and be the 10 billionth download. One can dream right?

This is a pretty big number for Apple to be at considering the App Store has only been around since July of 2008. We also know there are well over 300,000 applications available and apparently users all over the world are downloading a lot of apps.

Hit the source link for Apple's official rules and to enter without downloading anything.

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  • if they are giving the money to the 10,000,000,000 person to download something from itunes. Why do they say you do not need to purchase anything? Are they really going to give it to the person that downloads the 10,000,000,000th item, or are they waiting until that happens, then have a random drawing?
  • Thier site says if you are the person you have a chance to win. So it seems like you will be entered and pooled with people.
  • According to apples countdown it's almost exactly 10 seconds per 100 d/ls with about 300,000,000 to go ... The way I figure it that's still several days to go. So no hurry going to the app store right now!
  • I stand corrected the d/ls are speeding up!!
  • @jim
    Remember, there are FREE apps in the App Store. ;)
  • Oops... I forgot I could reply directly. :|
  • yes, but there is a link to enter. without downloading anything
  • What can you get with an iTunes gift card? Can you only buy downloads or can you get a tricked out MacBook at the Apple store?
    If you can only download, I think a $10,000 iTunes gift card is a waste.
  • you can use it to download tons of apps when the 20,000,000,000 download contest happens next year
  • Yeah, its downloads only. No big ticket items.
  • there's music, tv shows, movies, etc. assuming you have the disk space there's plenty of HD content. with an Apple TV this becomes really nice.
    one could fill an entire ipod classic legit
    and there's lots of premium apps around in lots of categories at $30+ each
  • Well if I won. I wouldn't want an iTunes giftcard so I'd buy my own music from the iTunes store and end up with $7,000 hah better than a giftcard.
  • Just think of all of the fart apps you could get!!!
  • Yea!! If there is one thing I would do with that gift card, it would be $10,000 worth of fart apps
  • I think I've spent $100 or so in the last 3 years on apps and music on iTunes. So it would take me about 300 years to use $10,000. Yet, I've spent about $2000 in the last 3 years on Apple hardware. So it looks to me like Apple really isnt interested in giving away anything of value to celebrate 10 billion downloads. They'd just rather hype up these huge numbers and dollar amounts. Thanks a lot for absolutely nothing Steve Jobs!
  • Whoa i hope either me or somebody from this site wins.....GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!
  • How soon do you become a hacking target if you have $10k in your iTunes account? :)
  • At the current rate (assuming no speed-up due to this contest) there's a little over 7 days left. (1,315,479 apps downloaded per hour)
  • i would just sell that $10,000 gift card for $1500-2000 and buy something worthwhile...even then i don't think anyone would buy that.
  • Why is everyone saying ten billion¿?
    Those numbers say ten thousand million... not ten billion!!!
    There's quite a huge difference!!!
    I can't believe apple and many other people reading numbers in a wrong way...
  • Read the wikipedia article on long scale and short scale numbers. To most English speaking people around the world "one billion" = "one thousand million" not "one million million".
  • I think this contest, or whatever it is, would be a whole lot more appealing if they were giving away a $10,000 Apple Gift Card not an iTunes card. Most people burn their CDs onto their iPods and load digital copies of movies as well or use Netflix. The iTunes gift card seems pointless. But that's my opinion.
  • Just looking at the rules for non-purchase entries. The winner is EITHER the person who purchases the 10,000,000,000 app, OR the person who enters with a non-purchase enter form immediately following the purchase of the 999,999,999 app. There is not a pool or entries or anything like that.