App Store submissions reportedly taking longer to process following Developer Portal outage

After an eight day outage of the Apple Developer Portal, it's almost to be expected that there might be a backlog of submissions for App Store approval. Unless and until we start hearing grumbles from a lot of developers, or start hearing of above-average wait times, however, it's almost impossible to tell. A couple developers have reported receiving messages saying there'd be a delay in reviewing their apps, but the messages are identical to ones Apple has been using for years whenever the review process is taking longer than expected for a particular app.

iTunes Connect, unlike Apple's developer portal, never went down, so while highly inconvenient and perhaps a show stopper for developers who needed to update certificates or perform other managerial tasks, the submission system was possible not affected to the degree it otherwise might have been.

Either way, again, it's tough to tell. If you're a developer and you've been experiencing any out-of-the-ordinary delays, let us know. Otherwise we'll just hope everyone on the review is churning through whatever backlog might have built up.