App Store Updated to Better Showcase Apps

Steve Jobs and App Store icon
Steve Jobs and App Store icon (Image credit: iMore)

Apple Insider, quoting TouchMeme developer Krishna Vegesna, reports that Apple has made some changes to the way it displays applications in the App Store, which they break down into three areas:

-- Most popular apps are now highlighted in each category page -- Free apps are separated from -- and hence no longer dominate -- paid apps in the side bar -- Tweaked the design to make it more consistent with the iPhone App Store app

Says (and quotes) Apple Insider:

While Friday's changes may not solve all of developers' problems, Vegesna said he believes Apple "now truly understands the software as a service model and is enhancing the [App Store] every week (in some cases, multiple times a week)."

Is it a big enough step to really help amid the onslaught of 10,000+ apps? Probably not, but it's a step and hopefully yet another sign that Apple is willing to keep working to help developers, users, and themselves benefit from the App Store model.

If you've had a chance to check it out, and noticed the difference, let us know if it improved your experience and ability to find apps.

Rene Ritchie

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  • The LAST thing I am is an Apple fan boy, but let me be the first to give kudos to them for listening to and acting quickly upon the desires of their customers. Well done Apple - keep it up!
  • I am glad they are doing this because the app store is so conjested and there is alot of junk apps it's hard to find the good ones games like tower defense and fieldrunners are fun games does anyone know about any more games that are like this. Please leave feedback