Apple alerts developers to App Store price increases in the E.U., Canada, Norway

While we reported back in December that pricing changes were on the way for App Store customers in the European Union, it looks like Apple is set to raise prices again for not only E.U. customers, but also those in Canada, Norway, and Russia.

The news comes from an email obtained by AppleInsider, in which Apple alerts developers to the forthcoming changes. AppleInsider writes:

According to the notification sent out by Apple's App Store team, provided to AppleInsider by reader Gregg, prices on the company's digital storefront will be increased in the EU, Canada, and Norway, while customers in Iceland are set to see a decrease. Russia will also receive price changes, though Apple failed to provide detail on the matter. Modifications will take effect within 36 hours, the note said.

Previously, Apple indicated that price changes would occur for App Store customers beginning January 1 because of changes in the way value-added tax (VAT) is now calculated.

Source: AppleInsider

Dan Thorp-Lancaster