Apple to allow third-party keyboads onto iOS?

Developers are eagerly anticipating Monday, when Apple will debut the next iteration of iOS to the world. According to All Things D, many believe that Apple will open iOS in unprecidented ways, including allowing third-party keyboards like SwiftKey to come to Apple devices.

Among those eagerly hoping for good news is TouchType, the maker of the popular SwiftKey software keyboard for Android phones.

Customization of system features such as the keyboard has long been a hallmark of Android, with iOS developers who wanted to make custom keyboards limited to bolting on special toolbars over the iOS keyboard. But comments made by Apple CEO Tim Cook last week at the D11 conference indicated that third-party access to iOS would increase in the future. Other developers have speculated that Apple could give developers more access to the lock screen, more Passbook features, or the push notification system for features like notification syncing.

We'll find out exactly what Apple has in store for developers with iOS 7 at next week at WWDC.

Source: All Things D, via: Android Central