Is Apple hosting a secret iPhone and iPad developers summit in Cupertino, starting next Tuesday and running for 3 days? So Business Insider and their industrious industry sources would have us believe.

We are short on details, and we have not seen any public information about it, but it sounds like this will be a more intimate version of the iPhone Tech Talks that Apple hosted around the world last year.

Since it's iOS-specific, it's not about the just-announced Mac App Store or the still unannounced Apple TV App Store (grrr!), but rather something designed to improve the quality of iPhone and iPad apps in the face ever growing app competition from the likes of Google's Android platform. And with iOS 4.2 coming sometime in November, along with AirPlay goodness, the timing could just be right.

Then again, a stealth summit would mean invitation only, so Apple would likely target just the kind of developers who already make some of the best apps on the platform anyway. Should they be trying to make the best even better, or is there some way they could improve those 290,000 less-than-great apps that currently clog up the store?

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