Apple Introduces App Store Resource Center for Develpers

According to developers, Apple has sent them out the following note:

We are pleased to introduce the App Store Resource Center, a single destination designed to make it easier for you to find details on everything you need to know about distributing your app on the App Store — from how to prepare for app submission to managing your app once it's been posted.Make sure you also check out the News and Announcements section of the iPhone Dev Center for tips on submitting your apps to the App Store, turnaround time for app review, new program features, and guidance on everything from development and testing to distribution and marketing.

Is this one more sign of Apple making tangible improvements to the App Store review process? Developers, let us know!

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Rene Ritchie

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  • Yes, this is so much easier now that the documents are all in one place. I am a new developer and now I know exactly what to do. Thanks Apple!
  • Did the new site include the approval roadmap:
  • Yes, it's much easier and clearer with these documentation that they show now. Thanks
  • @ icebike,
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  • It is nice to have the documentation in one place, but it's just that (documentation) these are not improvements on the process and so many parts are still very vague as Apple's instructions and documentation for developers often are.
    I think we all appreciate the effort, but I believe it could be better spent improving the actual process, not just documenting the current one (and so vaguely).
    Although documentation on the process was lacking, this is something that should have been there many months ago (even a year ago). Most developers have figured out everything here through trial and error (which is a nightmare) so I think this will be good for new devs but for those of us who have been developing for a few months now, we're really hoping for more fundamental changes.
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  • Developers is spelled wrong in the title just letting you know
  • of course.
  • It does help someone know where to go and what is next, but does it really make the process any easier?
    I'd give Apple a c+
    Kick Butt
  • Ars Technica has a different take on this:
    Apple makes lame attempt at placating App Store developers
    Apple has launched an online a resource center for registered iPhone developers. The only problem is that it gives them nothing new—except more frustration, that is.
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