Apple Pay gets support from 12 more banks and credit unions

Apple Pay has gained support from 12 new banks and credit unions. You can view all of the additions in the list below.

  • Banner Bank
  • BayPort Credit Union
  • California Coast Credit Union
  • Centier Bank
  • Community First Credit Union (CFCU)
  • Glenview State Bank
  • HAPO Community Credit Union
  • Prestige Community Credit Union
  • Provident Credit Union
  • Staley Credit Union
  • Synovus Bank
  • Wood & Huston Bank

Acceptance of Apple Pay has been growing in recent months. Apple announced at their March "Spring Forward" that Apple Pay was supported at over 700,000 retail locations, and that number will grow soon, with large chains like Best Buy have announced their intention to accept the system later this year. Target has also expressed an interest in supporting Apple Pay.

Source: Apple