Apple Pay headed to Domino's this year, Cinnabon in 2016

It looks like there's yet more Apple Pay news today, as Apple has confirmed that Cinnabon will be adding support for the mobile payment platform in all of its U.S. restaurants in 2016, while Dominos will pick up support by the end of 2015. Apple confirmed the news to the Associated Press:

Apple said Tuesday that Cinnabon will add Apple Pay to all its U.S. locations next year, while Domino's company-owned pizza stores will get it by year's end.

Earlier this year, Apple said that Apple Pay will be coming to both KFC and Starbucks, with the former launching next spring and the latter conducting a pilot this year with a full rollout planned for 2016.

Apple Pay has expanded rapidly since its launch in late 2014, regularly picking up support from swaths of new banks along with additional retailers. Earlier today, the mobile payment platform launched in Canada for American Express customers, with a similar launch set to occur on Thursday in Australia.

Source: Associated Press; Via: MacRumors

Dan Thorp-Lancaster