Apple is using the week before WWDC to promote some widely-used Canadian apps that are beloved all over the world.

App Store

Grouped under a featured App Store category called Canadian Made, Internationally Loved, many of the apps are fairly familiar to patriotic Canadians — 1Password, Flipp, and Transit App, for instance — but others, like Lara Croft GO, or the strange-but-fun PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist, are less obviously maple-flavoured.

One app, Hyperspektiv, from the team behind the popular abstract photo effects app Glitch Wizard, allows users to apply real-time distortion effects to videos, with support for new features like 3D Touch. Not only is it untraditional, but it showcases the technical prowess of the latest iPhones to great effect.

The iTunes Store is also highlighting a number of other great Canadian apps thematically, from local startups to game development studios.

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