Apple removes apps with music download capabilities from its App Store

It appears as though Apple is removing apps that support the downloading of music from its App Store. It's an interesting move for the company, going as far as implementing a iTunes Radio banner, which is displayed when a search for 'music download' is carried out on the store. Removing said apps, including those that tap into third-party file sharing website, will surely pave the way for Apple to push through its iTunes music services.

This removal of apps covers those also connecting to the likes of YouTube and Soundcloud. Some developers have stated that Apple notified them to remove audio download functionality from their published apps. With iOS 8, Apple is set to introduce new changes to its App Store, including an improved search algorithm, explore feature for improved discoverability, app bundles and more.

It's not just music downloading that appears to be on Apple's recent blacklist as apps that incentivize ad watching and social sharing have also been hit. What are your thoughts on the removal of said apps and will you be affected by retracted content?

Source: MacRumors

Rich Edmonds