Apple responds to Apple Pay being shut out from CVS, Rite Aid

After the debacle of CVS and Rite Aid turning off NFC in their payment terminals inside stores and thus shutting out Apple Pay on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus customers from mobile payments, Apple had gone on record to issue a response, stating that so far customers and merchants who support Apple Pay are happy with the service.

CVS, which is a member of another mobile payment consortium called CurrentC, said:

At this time CVS/pharmacy cannot accept Apple Pay or other mobile payments that use NFC technology. We are in the process of evaluating mobile payment options for our customers.

In a statement to Business Insider, Apple said:

The feedback we are getting from customers and retailers about Apple Pay is overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic. We are working to get as many merchants as possible to support this convenient, secure and private payment option for consumers. Many retailers have already seen the benefits and are delighting their customers at over 220,000 locations.

Apple's statement is similar to what it had said when it gave an update to Apple Pay's status at the iPad launch keynote recently.

Another large retailer, WalMart, which does not support NFC or Apple Pay at this time, is also part of the competing CurrentC consortium as Rite Aid and CVS, offered the following explanation:

There are certainly a lot of compelling technologies being developed, which is great for the mobile-commerce industry as a whole. Ultimately, what matters is that consumers have a payment option that is widely accepted, secure and developed with their best interests in mind. MCX member merchants already collectively serve a majority of Americans every day. MCX's members believe merchants are in the best position to provide a mobile solution because of their deep insights into their customers' shopping and buying experiences.

Have you used Apple Pay? What are your impressions with Apple's service and implementation?

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