Apple Responds to FCC

Apple has responded to the FCC's questions, issued following the controversial rejection of Google's Google Voice application (though, in their response, it looks like Apple is claiming they haven't rejected Google Voice, but are merely reviewing it (updated: under the dubious "duplicates functionality" rationale, due to independant dialing and to see if it violates Apple's contract with AT&T not to allow VoIP over AT&T's data network.)

We are pleased to respond to the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau’s inquiry dated July 31, 2009, requesting information regarding Apple’s App Store and its application approval process. In order to give the Bureau some context for our responses, we begin with some background information about the iPhone and the App Store.

The entire document is available via

Google and AT&T responded as well, though not on their own websites yet. Engadget is hosting their letters. AT&T claims they were never contacted about Google Voice, however if their contract with Apple forbids it, like Skype and other VoIP apps, Apple wouldn't have to contact them, so again -- huge round of jeers for AT&T's non-denial denials.

[Thanks to Doug for the tip)