Apple Retail Store promotion offers $5 iTunes gift card for new Apple Pay users

It looks like Apple has a plan to entice at least those shopping in its U.S. and UK retail stores to sign up for Apple Pay. According to a report from MacRumors, Apple will give away $5 (or £5) iTunes gift cards to Apple Store shoppers who sign up for Apple Pay and use it for the first time on their in-store purchase.

As noted in the report, if a customer isn't currently signed up for Apple Pay, retail employees will offer to help walk the customer through the setup process. After the setup is complete, the customer can then receive the $5 in iTunes credit on the spot.

Apple Pay has seen a steady rollout since its late 2014 launch, with the service most recently arriving in France, bringing the total number of countries to 8. The mobile payments service is expected to land in Hong Kong and Spain later in 2016, and it will expand to cover purchases on the web via Safari later this year as well.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster