Apple Slightly Changes Terms in Section 3.3.2 Dealing With Cross-Compiling and Use of Interpretors

The iOS 4 GM seed (gold master) released during WWDC 2010 once again made changes to Section 3.3.2 of Apple's licensing agreement -- specifically the part that deals deals with the use of cross-compilers.  The changes this time around may not make things all better, but it could make things slightly better for some developers.  Matt Drance had this to say about the change to Section 3.2.2:

"While explicit approval from Apple is still required, these new terms seem to acknowledge that there’s a difference between an app that happens to have non-compiled code, and a meta-platform. It’s a step that should allow for many new possibilities."

While this may not provide a solution to everyone, especially Adobe, it may allow some previously rejected apps into the App Store after all, and reassure others who may have been worried about using scripting engines for games, for example. 

Any developers out there have an opinion on the latest revision of 3.2.2? Is it a move in the right direction or are people over-analyzing what may or may not be between the lines here?

[Apple Outsider via Daring Fireball]

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.