Apple shares hit new record high hours before Apple VR arrives at WWDC

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Just as WWDC is a couple of hours away, Apple's shares have hit an all-time high in anticipation of what Apple is going to announce at the show. Reuters reports that this was the highest that the company's shares had been valued for 17 months, although its overall market value stopped just short of the previous $3 trillion all-time peak.

Shares were up 1.5% at $183.70, having jumped nearly 40% in 2023, reflecting the possibility of Apple entering a new space for the first time since the Apple Watch in 2014.

There's a lot to be excited about

There's good reason for the interest in Apple's shares to go up – there's some big stuff that could be coming at WWDC this year. The first and likely largest thing we'll see is going to be Apple VR, the first time Apple has joined a new product market for many years. The headset looks to completely change the way that VR headsets are viewed and used, with less of a focus on games and more of a focus on work and AR applications.

There are also going to be announcements about Apple's new OS software for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. iOS is expected to make an appearance, with new features coming to the OS at the core of the iPhone. It won't make a full release until we see the new iPhones in September, but it's always good to see what we can expect from it.

There will also be appearances from iPadOS 17 and the latest version of MacOS 14, although details about those two are a little more scant on the ground. These two, and iOS will both get developer beta releases on the day, so if you're interested in those then keep an eye out. 

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