Is this our first look at the Apple Watch X?

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After plenty of speculation, this week in Apple news brought us our clearest look yet at the rumored Apple Watch X, Apple’s major rumored overhaul planned for its wearables line in 2024. 

Apple currently serves up the Apple Watch Ultra 2, Apple Watch Series 9, and the Apple Watch SE. While the Apple Watch Ultra 3 isn’t expected to be a massive upgrade, the Apple Watch Series 10 is. That’s because rumors indicate this could be a big ‘X’ overhaul a la iPhone X, celebrating the Apple Watch’s tenth anniversary. As we discussed last week, we’re expecting at least three major upgrades. 

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Now we have our first look at the CAD files for the Series X, or at least we think we do. But what does it show us? CAD files revealed earlier this week seem to show a new Apple Watch with a chassis similar in style to that of the Series 9 but with a much larger screen. The leaked display is allegedly a whopping 1.93 inches, bigger than any Apple Watch on the market. The growing display is one of the biggest rumored shifts in the Apple Watch X, with recent reports tipping chassis sizes of 45/49mm, with a big display to match. 

When it comes to another rumored upgrade, however, this CAD doesn’t quite fit the bill. Specifically, we were told to expect an Apple Watch X with a bold new Apple Watch band attachment system that uses magnets in order to save space. According to this week's report, that feature doesn’t seem to be present. The magnetic attachment was purported as a means to save space internally, making room for a bigger battery. With this CAD clearly displaying the same Watch Band cutouts as previous generations, it throws a small spanner in the works. 

Of course, this could indicate the leaked CAD isn’t the Apple Watch X, or it may prove that the magnetic Apple Watch band mechanism isn’t coming in this iteration. Either way, our first look at the rumored Apple Watch X has thrown up as many questions as it has answers.

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