Apple's App Approval Process Getting Speedy

Steve Jobs and App Store icon
Steve Jobs and App Store icon (Image credit: iMore)

TUAW recently remarked that the App Store approval process seemed to be working much faster lately. TiPb has been in contact with numerous application developers and the general overall feel we are getting is that it's true -- Apple is finally coming around when it comes to the app approval process. Much has been said about Apple and their App Store over the past few years but things have seemingly changed for the better.

TiPb sometimes gets access to beta applications for feedback or review, anywhere from a month to a week in advance. Generally we've seen the same 2 week delay Apple advises before the apps show up in the App Store (though sometimes it's been up to 4 weeks or more in the past). Lately we have received an app only to find it released only a day later, sometimes hours later depending on the app itself.

What has brought about this speed boost we have no idea but we welcome it regardless and hope it continues.

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