iPhone app developers have gone crazy this week with some great sales in the App Store and just in time for Black Friday.

Agile Web Solutions popular Mac application, 1Password, [iTunes Link] has been ported over to iPhone and is now free until December 1st! Some of it's features are as follows:

  • Saves web site login credentials, personal identity information (such as names, addresses and telephone numbers), a variety of information that you might find in your wallet (licenses, social security numbers, credit cards, etc.), and freeform secure notes to store any data you'd like to keep safe from prying eyes.
  • Locks your data behind both a four-digit unlock code and a master password, both of which you configure. Even if your mobile device is stolen or misplaced, your 1Password data is safe.
  • Syncs safely and securely with 1Password for the Mac over a WiFi connection, provided both the mobile device and the Mac are on the same network. The sync is two-way, so new information can be easily added on your mobile device and synced back to your Mac!

Still searching for that decently priced GPS app? Perhaps CoPilot Live North America [iTunes Link] which is on sale for $19.99 will raise your interest. This sale is only valid until midnight on November 30th so act fast!

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  • Ease of use: the app includes colorful 3-D maps, text-to-voice directions, full use of the iPhone keyboard and iPod controls.
  • On board maps: rather than relying on strong mobile coverage, CoPIlot Live’s maps are stored on the phone.
  • Value: although $19.99 is low for a turn-by-turn app, there are also no additional charges for update.

Last but not least we have Gameloft and they are also spreading some holiday cheer around as some of their titles are currently $.99 until November 29th!

If any of you, our readers, know of some great holiday sales please share them in the comments below!

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