Apps of the Week: Concert Vault, Sid Meier's Ace Patrol, MacFormat, and more

Every week, the editors and writers at iMore carefully select some of our favorite, most useful, most extraordinary apps, accessories, gadgets, and websites. This week's selections include a music library app, a photo editing app, a turn-based tactic game, a British magazine about Apple, and a simple dots game.

Concert Vault - Chris Parsons

Ever heard of Wolfgang's Vault? I've never heard of it until a couple of years ago despite the site existing since 2003. The site houses a massive library of music and live concert videos and was at one time referred to as "the most important collection of rock memorabilia and recordings ever assembled in one business". Once offered to all for free, Wolfgang's Vault is now a paid offering and even has a slick iOS app to go along with it.

The app itself is free to download and with free 7-day trial you can check out all the content available and decide if it's worth the $3.99/month or $39.99/per year. Aside from just offering up a whole slew of audio content from rock, blues, jazz, folk and country legends it also offers access to the catalog of video as well. All of which is compatible with AirPlay and can be played back onto your TV. In short, if you're a fan of any of the above genres of music, this app is worth the time to check out. It really is a gold mine for content and you really do need more than the 7-day free trial it offers to make your way through it.

Afterlight - Ally Kazmucha

I'm a sucker for photo editing apps and have two whole folders of them on my iPhone. One of my favorites is Afterlight mainly because it's simple to use. I can apply lots of filters on top of each other or use it just to make basic enhancements. After you purchase the app, you'll have access to all features except for scene clips. If you'd like those it's an additional $0.99 in-app purchase.

If you simply want Afterlight as a simple way to edit photos on the go, you probably won't have any interest in scene clips but if you do, you've got the option all in one app.

Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol - Joseph Keller

Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol is a turn-based tactics game set in World War 1. You command fighter aces in the skies above Europe, directing their movements and positioning them to take down the enemy while avoiding damage their own planes. Ace Patrol features both single- and multi-player modes. Move your fighters around by double-tapping the arrows that appear on the ground, which also allow your pilots to change altitude. While the game is initially free, giving you a chance to play through part of the British campaign, you will eventually need to pay $0.99 to go further. Additionally, there are other campaigns that you can purchase if you wish, one each for the Germans, Americans, and the French for $1.99 each, though you can pay $3.99 for all three of them. Finally, you can purchase and unlock several “Aces”, each with their own special traits. Ace Patrol is available for both iPhone and iPad as a universal download.

MacFormat - Richard Devine

British based Apple magazine, MacFormat, is in the middle of celebrating a milestone for the publication. For 20 years now they have been publishing anything and everything Apple related, which is no small feat. To celebrate, they have re-published their very first issue which is available to download to Newsstand free of charge. Beyond simply re-issing a digital copy of the magazine, it includes interactive content such as video and audio clips from current members of the editorial team, and comment items throughout relating to the 20-year old content. For those of us not old enough to be using Apple products 20 years ago -- I myself was just 8 years old when this went to print -- it offers a fantastic look back, and highlights just how far we've come.

Dots - Leanna Lofte

While browsing the App Store this week, I was drawn towards the colorful dots on the icon for Dots: A Game About Connecting. This is seriously one of the most basic and simple games I have ever played, but I just can't stop playing. You simply draw a line with your fingers to connect the dots of the same color to make them disappear. You have 60-seconds to clear out as many dots as possible. You can also use Time Stops, Shrinkers, and Expanders by spending dots. I can't tell you why this game is so addicting, but it is. It's so clean, so basic, and such a great way to kill 60 seconds… or much more.

Fly Delta for iPhone - Rene Ritchie

Fly Delta

I've heard Phil Nickinson of Android Central talk a lot about the Fly Delta app, because he flies Delta a lot. Every time he tries a new phone, inevitably I'll hear about the quality of the Delta app on on that platform. So, I tried it. And you know what, for an airline app, for an app that ties in Passbook, it's pretty damn good.

A lot of times you get web apps in native wrappers. Not here. Delta Fly is clearly still communicating with servers all the time, but it does it in a way that looks good. No tiny form fields, no hideously ugly buttons.

I don't fly Delta often, but the Delta Fly app is good enough I may fly them more. If you travel, give it a try.

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