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Stay powered up with the Aukey Minima 20W USB-C charger on sale for $8

Aukey Compact Charger 866h
Aukey Compact Charger 866h

You may not have heard of Aukey in a while. That's because the brand stopped selling on Amazon, which is crazy all on its own, but that doesn't mean the name has gone away. In fact, the company is updating some of its product line. For example, the Aukey Minima USB-C wall charger (opens in new tab) just got an upgrade. The new model, the PA-Y20S, is 20W instead of the 18W of the previous generation. It's just as compact and fast as ever, and today you can get it for $7.99 total when you use the code MINIMA4U during checkout.

The charger is already discounted to $11.99 and the code brings it down to $4.99. When you include an extra $3 for shipping, that's how you get it for $8, which is just crazy low compared to its primary price of $23.

Do you have a mobile device that uses USB-C? I know I charge basically everything these days, even my iPhone with the right Lightning cable, with a USB-C cable. The Aukey Minima is a great companion for your devices. You need something compact and tiny that you can carry with you while also being something you don't have to fret over. Well, the Minima lives up to its name with a minimal design that's smaller than standard chargers yet still durable and reliable. It also has a foldable plug so you can just flip the plug up and toss the whole thing in your purse or backpack when you're ready to head out for the day. It won't get caught on other stuff and it's easy to grab and plug in when you need it.

Despite the size, it's still capable of 20W Power Delivery through the single USB-C port. That'll work for a modern iPhone or even an Android phone, tablet, or other mobile device. Power Delivery makes the transfer of power super fast, which means it's going to stay relevant for you for a while.

The device has plenty of built in safeguards, too. You don't have to worry about overcharging anything plugged in. It also has other failsafes to prevent things like overheating, excessive current, and more.

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