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All Articles by Paul Acevedo

Asphalt Overdrive from Gameloft is coming Thursday for iPhone and iPad

During E3 this year, Gameloft announced the latest game in the Asphalt series of racers. Surprisingly, the next Asphalt won't be Asphalt 9. Instead, the series is spinning off in a new direction with Asphalt Overdrive. Instead of a serious arcade-style racer, the new Asphalt will be an endless racer – sort of like Gameloft's recently released Spider-Man Unlimited or Sega's Crazy Taxi City Rush.

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Warhammer 40K: Carnage Dark Angel update impressions

Warhammer 40K: Carnage is an intense side-scrolling action game from Roadhouse Interactive set within the futuristic Warhammer 40,000 universe. It rings up a bit on the expensive side at seven dollars, but gives players a lot of bang for their bucks with two separate campaigns, alternate versions of every level, and endless loot with which to equip the playable space marines.

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The Witcher Battle Arena to battle on all mobile platforms later this year

The Witcher is a popular series of PC and console games based on the novels of Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. In the medieval fantasy world of The Witcher, powerful humans with mutant traits called Witchers seek out and destroy the monsters that threaten humanity's survival. Polish gaming studio CD Projekt RED is currently hard at work developing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

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GameLoop launches social network for gamers on iOS

Anybody remember Heyzap? It was a social networking app for gamers that allowed users to socialize about games and discover new games. The Heyzap team recently pulled its iOS app however, switching focus to their targeted ad SDK. That pretty much left Raptr as the only social networking app for Apple gamers.

Now a new player has entered the field: GameLoop. The GameLoop app is free and allows users to discuss the games they enjoy while also discovering new games to play. With the ability to detect all of your iOS, Xbox, Playstation, and Steam games, GameLoop is poised to be a serious and more mobile-focused competitor for Raptr. Read on for full details!

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Spider-Man Unlimited coming to mobile platforms in September

Mobile gaming giant Gameloft has been quite successful with its mobile games based on Marvel film properties, including Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2, and Iron Man 3.  It also happens to have published Despicable Me: Minion Rush, one of the better 3D endless runners out there. So what happens when we combine both things?

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Cloud Raiders brings cross-platform clashes to iOS

One of the best games in the burgeoning casual strategy genre has finally arrived on iOS: Game Insight’s Cloud Raiders. This one brings a lot of polish, not to mention full cross-platform multiplayer and cloud saves. If you’re looking for a competitive raiding game to play with your Android, Windows Phone, and Facebook friends – look no further.

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Slingshot Braves pulls back and fires onto iOS

Role-playing games are a dime a dozen on the App Store. How does a new RPG stand out? Slingshot braves from Japanese developer COLOPL does so by using a unique slingshot mechanic. Pull back on your hero, let go, and watch him or her fly into the enemy like a cue ball. It’s a different and surprisingly fun way to kill monsters on your iPhone or iPad.

Read on to learn about more features like online co-op that make this free to play RPG worth a download.

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Solve crimes for free with CSI: Hidden Crimes on iOS

Procedural crime shows like CSI (Crime Scene Investigations) can be difficult to adapt to games. But one genre that fits those shows (and mobile) very well is hidden object games. Just as the cops and detectives have to search for clues in order to solve a case, so can players search for items and perform minigames relating to the police work simulated by these shows.

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Pac-Man Monsters mixes puzzles and monster collecting on iOS

Venerable gaming hero Pac-Man sure gets around. He’s appeared in all kinds of genres, including several puzzlers.  Now Pac-Man is back in another puzzle game called Pac-Man Monsters from GREE and Namco Bandai. It’s free to play with in-app purchases.

Pac-Man Monsters isn’t just a puzzle game. It’s actually a puzzle RPG with monster collecting elements – basically a mash-up of Pac-Man with Puzzle and Dragons. There’s so much to do, see, and collect in Pac-Man Monsters – read on for details.

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Race for charity in Sidekick Cycle on iOS

Want to do a little racing and maybe help make a difference in someone’s life? Then look no further than Sidekick Cycle from Global Gaming Initiative. Sidekick Cycle is a 2D racing game in which players bike through obstacle courses filled with ramps and crazy loops. The iOS game has just received a major update that doubles its content, adding lots more levels and riders.

Now comes the part where gamers can do some good. Sidekick Cycle is free to play with in-app purchases. Fifty percent of in-app purchases go towards the “Free Bikes 4 Kidz” charity based out of Minneapolis, MN. As you can probably tell, the charity buys bicycles for children in order to help them lead healthy lifestyles.

- Free - Download now

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Evolution: Battle for Utopia stakes a claim on iOS

Are you familiar with It’s a subsidiary of the Mail.Ru Group that publishes apps like myChat and myCamera for mobile devices. Most interestingly (to me), also makes games for PC and mobile.

Their latest game Evolution: Battle for Utopia launched exclusively on iOS at the beginning of April, quickly becoming a top game in over 125 countries. Evolution combines third-person shooter gameplay, base building, strategy, and Player-versus-Player battles in a very slick package. If you’re looking for an iPhone and iPad game with impressive graphics and a variety of gameplay styles, look no further.

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Celebrate PB and J Day with Polar Bowler on iOS

In early 2013, WildTangent Studios released its first mobile game: Polar Bowler 1st Frame. A lighthearted bowling simulation, it starred a polar bear named “PB” and his penguin sidekick “J.”

That brings us to today: National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day. In celebration of this tasty holiday, WildTangent has just launched the full sequel to 1st Frame, simply titled Polar Bowler. The new game features a vastly expanded array of fantasy-themed arctic bowling courses and special inner tubes for PB to wear as he crashes through pins. It sure beats strapping on rental shoes in a bowling alley!

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Design photobooks from your iPad with ease using Kodak Moments HD

iOS offers a variety of photo printing apps like Free Prints and PostalPix. But until now, none of them bore the illustrious Kodak name. That changes today with the release of Kodak Moments HD for iPad. With Kodak Moments HD, users can easily create high quality photo books and prints using photographs from their iPad or social media sharing sites. And unlike competing apps, Kodak allows users to choose from both ship-to-home and same-day in-store pickup options.

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First look at Sega's Crazy Taxi City Rush, coming soon to iOS

In 1999, Sega released a fast-paced driving game called Crazy Taxi in arcades and on their Sega Dreamcast console. The combination of driving passengers to their destinations, wild and humorous gameplay, and licensed punk music helped Crazy Taxi find a permanent parking spot in many gamers’ hearts. Two sequels followed, not to mention a popular iOS port of the original game.

Sensing that Crazy Taxi has even more life on mobile, SEGA has just announced a new mobile-exclusive sequel called Crazy Taxi: City Rush for iPhone, iPad, and Android. The new game will have everything fans loved about the original, plus a new touch-friendly control scheme and lots of fresh content. We met with SEGA to play an early build of City Rush and came away highly impressed. Don't miss our exclusive gameplay footage, interview, and screenshots!

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The Deadlings are here to solve puzzles and eat brains

Polish games maker Artifex Mundi is best known for their hidden object games like Nightmares from the Deep: the Cursed Heart. But they also publish games from other studios, such as fellow Polish developer Nimbi.

The two companies have teamed up to produce The Deadlings, which has just launched on iOS today. Instead of a hidden object adventure, the Deadlings is a clever and whimsical puzzle game starring a bunch of surprisingly lovable zombies. Haven’t we all seen enough of the scary ones anyway?

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Build a fantasy village and take it anywhere in The Tribez & Castlez

In the mobile gaming world, Game Insight is pretty much the king of city builders. We’ve covered the Russian publisher’s futuristic entry 2020: My Country in the past, but their history with the genre goes back farther than that. One of their early hits was 2012’s The Tribez, in which players built a city for a tribe of primitive inhabitants.

Today Game Insight follows up with a new installment, The Tribez and Castlez! This one takes the game into ­ medieval fantasy setting – as well as throwing in some tower defense gameplay that you wouldn’t usually find in the city building genre. It’s out now and free on iOS.

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Three indie games you'll want to play on iOS

We’ve brought you news of some cool iOS games from the recent Apps World event, such as social photo game Revel and the 3D penguin adventure XnO. Today we look at three more games from the show.

Mr. Runner 2 is a free to play running game that you can (and should) get right now. Towerful is a tower “offense” game designed by two bright young boys. And Zato is a sword slashing game starring a blind samurai. All three games bring something new and different to the table that you’d only get from indie game developers.

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From Solar Warfare to Dragon Maker, cool iOS games from TegTap

TegTap is a two-man app development studio based in Arizona with a surprisingly diverse selection of games under its belt. The studio has published a variety of kids’ apps for iOS, including Dragon Maker, My Fairy Pony, and Dino Digger (some of which are also available on Mac).

On the other end of the spectrum, TegTap’s flagship title Solar Warfare is a full-fledged sci-fi shooter aimed at the more hardcore gaming crowd. With smooth 3D graphics, gigantic bosses, and intuitive controls, Solar Warfare made a strong impression during the Big Indie Pitch competition at Apps World.

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Valentine's Games for iOS, for him and her

Love is in the air, and the luckiest among us will celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone special. And if you’re eating somewhere nice for the holiday, you’re probably going to spend more than a few minutes waiting to be seated. Why not pass the time with Valentine-themed content in your favorite mobile game? We’ve got nine festive games for him and her that you won’t want to put down when it’s time to order.

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Rescue penguins and save the day in XnO

Catapult games are a big deal on mobile – just look at Angry Birds and the many games the series has inspired as proof. The style of gameplay – aiming projectiles at something and trying to knock it over – works perfectly with touch-screen devices. You can classify these games as physics puzzlers, but they feel more action-oriented than most physics games.

At Apps World last week, I discovered a 3D catapult game from indie developer Digital Eclairs called XnO. The 3D perspective makes for a more interesting game (to me) than 2D games of this style. XnO also has an endearing set of characters and delightful, high quality art style to set it apart. It’s also one of the few participants in the Big Indie Pitch that has already made it to market, so you can download it right now.

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