Automatic app updated to version 2.0, brings all-new design, low fuel warnings and more

Automatic has updated its app for iOS to version 2.0, which brings a new and more modern interface and design to the driving app. The redesigned app also brings a number of new features, including low-fuel warnings and adjustable speed feedback.

The low fuel warning only works on supported car models and will display how much fuel you have in your tank and an estimate of how many miles you can drive based on your driving habits. A push notification will show up on your iPhone when you're low on gas, and with IFTTT setup, you can also have it automatically perform additional actions, like log your fuel level or tweet or send out a message.

Adjustable speed thresholds now let you program what the speed limit is so you don't get a speeding ticket. You can also control how you'll be warned when you go above the speed threshold so that you can be warned once if you don't want to hear repeated chirps for those who prefer to add some lead to their foot.

Source: Automatic

Chuong H Nguyen