BBC's new hub app brings together all your favorite content

The BBC has launched a new app for iOS and Android that acts as a hub to bring together online iPlayer content, weather forecasts, recipes and more all in one place. While a myBBC account is required so the BBC can more conveniently track your use of the new app, it serves as your new centralized hub for all things BBC. Whether you're wanting to catch-up on your favorite original series or wish to check out tomorrow's forecast, you can do all this with BBC+.

As noted by the BBC in its own coverage, the corporation hopes the launch of BBC+ will help avoid a situation where consumers become confused with multiple apps for different types of content. This isn't the only move the BBC has made to consolidate content into a single offering. The corporation recently shut down BBC Newsbeat and moved all content to the BBC News umbrella. When firing up the BBC+ app for the first time, you'll be asked to choose at least three topics from a rather lengthy list.

This enables the app to curate an "at a glance" geed that will help keep you in the loop without requiring multiple menu entries to find content covering numerous topics. The myBBC connection brings with it a few neat features, one being the ability to save tracks heard on shows that can be listened to at a later date. Head to the App Store to download BBC+ and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Rich Edmonds