Behind the bits of Twitterrific 5

The bits of Twitterrific 5 were programed by Sean Heber and Craig Hockenberry, and Hockenberry has now shared the details of that work, and a behind-the-scenes look at the project in general, on his blog, Hockenberry talks about the process, and the reason they chose to leave certain features out, like push notifications, trends, and streaming:

We believe in building opinionated software.

The product you have in your hands is what we wanted and needed it to be. As the tagline on the website says, “A simply beautiful way to tweet.” We achieved that goal.

I like opinionated software. There are different ways to use Twitter and different apps better suit those different use cases. Twitterrific has and does serve Twitter as a reading experience, and the closer they keep to that, the better it seems to get. I also like DVD extras and director's commentaries, and I like reading about the choices and processes involved in creating great apps every bit as much. Hockenberry's are a great read.