Best Accessories for Fitbit Versa iMore 2020

So, you've got a Fitbit Versa, and you're ready to accessorize? Well, look no further! We've got you covered with everything from bands to chargers to screen protectors, with this list of the very best accessories for your Fitbit Versa.

Go wireless: Enacfire Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones

Staff Favorite

These wireless earbuds feature the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology and ensure an incredibly stable and swift connection, providing you with fine-tuned musical goodness. They have a completely automatic system and come with a portable charging case, and are also sweat and water-resistant. Just remember that you can't upload and play music on a Versa Lite.

$34 at Amazon

Flying High: Fibit Flyer Wireless Headphones

These first-party headphones have multiple earpiece adjustments to let you customize your fit and feel. You can control the volume, play/pause/skip tracks, and answer calls with the control button on the cords. Plus, you get up to 6 hours on each charge.

$66 at Amazon

Milanese Mesh: Fitbit Stainless Steel Mesh Band

These first-party bands are made of premium stainless steel and have a smooth mesh aesthetic. Like the sport loop style band, they are adjustable, smooth, and will not snag your clothing.

$50 at Amazon

Sophisticated: Horween Leather Band

This official Fitbit accessory is designed by and explicitly tested with Fitbit devices. This high-quality leather band provides a clean, classic look that's easily dressed up or down. It's made of lightweight, full-grain leather and is hand-crafted with premium oils and dyes.

$50 at Amazon

Premium leather: Qibox Leather Bands

This high-quality, full-grain cow leather band is soft and creates an elevated look. It comes in an assortment of solid colors and patterns and is compatible with the entire Versa family. Installation support tools and a guide are included.

$10 at Amazon

Wear the weave: Maledan Woven Fabric Bands

These classy and stylish woven fabric bands come in an assortment of colors and are compatible with the whole Versa family. They are made with a premium leather lining and woven fabric surface that's soft and comfortable to wear. They attach around the wrist with a stainless steel buckle and can be freely adjusted — easy manual installation and removal.

From $8 at Amazon

Sporty Comfort: bayite Soft Sport Loop Bands

Get that Apple Watch sport loop look for way less with these bayite bands. Soft, flexible, breathable, and adjustable, they allow your wrist to stay cool and comfortable. They also come with a one-year warranty for replacement, or a full refund without return if you are not satisfied.

From $7 at Amazon

Wear the rainbow: Ouwegaga Bands

This 12-pack of brightly colored bands are compatible with Fitbit Versa, Versa Lite, and Special Edition. They're made of high-quality elastomer and are light, sweat-resistant, durable, and flexible. They have an aluminum buckle and notch and are easy to install and resize.

$23 at Amazon

Metallics: Tobfit Silicone Bands

This 8-pack of bands comes in an assortment of solid colors and shiny metallics. They are compatible with the whole Versa family and constructed in flexible thermoplastic polyurethane. Each band comes with a metal buckle and two fastener ring features.

$16 at Amazon

Protect your Versa: Ghijkl Screen Protectors

Protect your Versa with this 3-pack of screen protectors. These protectors are flexible and sturdy and designed explicitly for the Versa family. They provide easy access to all controls, buttons, and sensors, and offer full 360-degree protection.

$10 at Amazon

Charge it up: CAVN Charger Dock

Charge your Versa with this charging cable stand specifically designed for 2018 Versa and 2019 Versa Lite Edition. You do not have to remove the tracker with this stand which provides for a more convenient charge. Made of premium aluminum material and easy to use, just place your Versa onto the charging dock and let there be power.

$13 at Amazon

Conveniently charged: Hagibis 2 in 1 Fitbit Versa and Smartphone Charger

This charging dock lets you charge up your Fitbit Versa and your smartphone at the same time. The black metal finish is scratch-free, and the angle of the phone stand allows you to use your phone in alarm-clock mode or video mode.

$14 at Amazon

Versa me this

Trick your Fitbit Versa out with this list of awesome accessories! We've got bands for everyone and every style as well as earbuds and charging stations. Get the most out of your Fitbit and make it uniquely yours.

Our favorites are the Enacfire Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones because you have the capability of storing 300+ songs and accessing unlimited Pandora playlists through your Versa. Why not listen to your jams on these superior, wireless, high-quality sound, Bluetooth headphones?

Maybe you're looking for a band with a bit of sophistication? Try the Horween Leather Band for a sophisticated aesthetic, or maybe you're looking for a color for every occasion? Try the Ouwegaga Bands, so you can rock the rainbow. Whatever your Fitbit Versa accessory needs are, we've got you covered from A to Z.

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