Best Accessories for Your Fitbit Zip iMore 2022

The Fitbit Zip is a great entry into the world of fitness trackers. It's small and easy to clip anywhere on your body, so stays out of the way as you exercise. It keeps track of essential data, like steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned. It syncs directly to your phone, so you can use the Fitbit app to keep track of all your fitness goals. While there aren't too many accessories for the Zip, you'll find some reliable options are depending on your needs.

Extra clips: EverAct Clip Holder

Staff pick

The Zip comes with one clip included, but considering how small it is, it might be a good idea to pick up an extra for backup. This is also an excellent choice if you're looking to lively up the look of your Fitbit Zip. There are nine colors to choose from other than black, and they're super durable, too.

$7 at Amazon

Clips with flair: Dunfire Replacement Clip Case

If you're searching for more flair than just a solid color, the Dunfire clip holders have some options with polka dots on them. If polka dots aren't your thing, there are plenty of solid colors to choose from, too. You also have the option of stocking up with a multi-pack rather than just a single clip.

$7 at Amazon

Wear it like a watch: WoCase ZipBand

Sometimes it's easier to wear a fitness tracker on your wrist rather than clipped somewhere that you might lose it. The WoCase ZipBand turns your Zip into a pseudo-smartwatch by allowing you to wear it on your wrist. It comes in a few different vibrant colors. There are packs of three or five, so you always have options.

$8 at Amazon

Walk it out: B-Great Ankle Band

Worried about accuracy with your Fitbit Zip's step counting? All of your steps will be precisely accounted for when you wear your tracker around your ankle with this band. The fabric is soft, lightweight, and comfortable, so irritation won't be a problem. It's machine washable and comes in two sizes.

$9 at Amazon

Double up: Joyzy Ankle Band

Double up on ankle bands with the 2-pack from Joyzy. The material is highly reflective, so you'll always be visible to motorists from a distance and in the dark. It's made with a small mesh pouch that can hold your Fitbit Zip and other small items. There are two sizes available, so finding a perfect fit is easier than ever.

$11 at Amazon

Keep it close: WoCase Pendant Necklace

If you'd prefer to wear your Fitbit Zip as jewelry, the WoCase pendant necklace will do the trick. Best of all? You never have to worry about losing your tracker when it's secure around your neck. There are a few color choices, and you can even invest in a pack of seven with a rainbow of different colors.

$7 at Amazon

Time to accessorize

Fitbit has become a household name due to its wide range of high-quality fitness trackers and wearables. The Zip is an entry-level tracker that acts as a discreet yet accurate pedometer. Due to its nature as a simple and straightforward gadget, accessory options are somewhat limited. We recommend the EverAct Clip Holder if you're content with the traditional clip-on method for your Fitbit Zip. There are multiple color options, and it's designed to be durable, so you can count on it to last.

However, if you're looking for something that feels a bit more secure, we suggest the WoCase ZipBand. This is a convenient and comfortable way to wear your tracker on your wrist, so you don't have to think twice about where it's clipped. The options may be limited for how to accessorize your Zip, but there are some solid picks out there that'll meet your needs.

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