Best apps, books, and games to enjoy this Holiday season

It's Christmas Eve! And in the mass craziness that comes with the holidays, sometimes a nice break with a good app, game, or book is what you need. That's where iMore is here to help! We've rounded up some of our favorite Holiday apps and games for you to enjoy during the holidays and your time off work and school.

Santa Rockstar

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Rock out with Santa during the holidays with Santa Rockstar for iPhone

Santa Rockstar is a Guitar Hero-style game featuring rock 'n roll versions of popular Christmas songs and Santa Clause. You must help Santa deliver presents in the Merry Christmas Stage sled by touring around the world with the Reindeer Band. If you like Guitar Hero and Tap Tap Revolution type games, rock music, and Santa Clause, then Santa Rockstar is a must-have.

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift

Who doesn't love the adorable little Om Nom -- in a Santa Hat? Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift is the popular game with a fun, festive twist. If you're not familiar with the game, you simply cut ropes just the right way with the goal of delivering candy to the cute little Om Nom. But be careful, you must avoid spiders, spikes, and other obstacles in order to successfully get that candy to Om Nom.

Angry Birds Seasons

Here's another popular iPhone and iPad game with a holiday twist -- Angry Birds Seasons. In this version of Angry Birds, a new level was unlocked every day this month with Christmas Day revealing the last level. But even if you haven't been playing these levels since Dec 1st, you can still enjoy playing through them all now. Angry Birds Seasons marathon during Christmas Eve? Sounds like a plan!

Doodle Jump Christmas Special

Doodle Jump gets in the Holiday spirit with 5 new Christmas outfits

And here's yet another popular game with a special Christmas edition just for the holidays -- Doodle Jump Christmas Special. In this special version of Doodle Jump, the goal is still the same, to get as high as you can, but the surrounding and enemies are now Christmas related. For example, you must watch out for the chill-breath monster that will freeze you, and avoid other scary monsters dressed up in Christmas gear. You can also purchase other festive characters with coins that you earn in the game (or buy as in-app purchases).

A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas is one of the most classic Christmas stories and you can enjoy it right on your iPhone and iPad as an interactive story. This flip-style book is extremely well made, fun, and engaging for kids and adults alike. In the story, you must help Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the Peanuts gang as they try to find the true meaning of Christmas.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Here's another great book too add to your interactive-iOS-books collection -- How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Embark on the tale of the grouch Grinch who hates Who-ville's holiday celebrations and plans to steal all the presents to prevent Christmas from coming with professional narrations and beautiful, enlarged artwork. For the little ones in your life, the words on the page will highlight as they are read so that


You're sure to create some holiday cheer with your family by creating fun videos with ElfYourself. Just watch the video above... enough said!


Don't be one of the boring mass-texters that sends out a "Merry Christmas!" text to everyone in their contacts list. Instead, pick up TextPics and be the mass-texter (or not) that sends out a fun little text graphic in celebration of the holiday. TextPics includes many different options for Christmas and Hunukkah as well as other holidays and special occasions.

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