Best apps to prepare for Groundhog Day

February 2 is always the day we find out whether the cold days of winter are almost over, or if we should brace for a couple more blizzards. That's right, the time-honored tradition of relying on a rodent for our weather information is fast-approaching and I'm encouraging you all to get into the silly spirit of Groundhog Day. How, you may ask? Well by using your iPhone!

Take a few minutes and be prepared to have the most enjoyable Groundhog Day this year courtesy of some (or all) of these great apps. Just don't be shocked if you get stuck in a time loop!

News Apps

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Plenty of national and local news stations will carry coverage of Groundhog Day ceremonies around the country. For example, ABC news usually has live coverage of what the legendary groundhog Punxsutawney Phil has to say.

You'll have to see what network is carrying Groundhog Day coverage in your area to know what app to download; however, if you already have a slew of TV channel apps, you may be better off using the TV app.

The TV app will keep track of all your TV channel apps in one place, making it easier to find what station is broadcasting want content without having to open each one separately.

Netflix (for Canadians)


If you're a fellow Canuck like me and you want to watch the classic Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day on Groundhog Day, you can do so on Netflix!

Bonus points if you stream the movie nonstop all day!

Starz (for Americans)


If you live in the U.S. and want to watch Groundhog Day on the second, you'll need to get the Starz app and a subscription.

Pro tip: If you have a Starz subscription already, you can also access the movie from Amazon Prime Video.


Whether you are going to a Groundhog Day celebration, or just quietly observing the day from your home or office, Snapchat usually has some fun one February 2.

Depending on where you live, Snapchat may have a custom geo-filters or special stickers on Groundhog Day, so you can spice up your own snaps throughout the day. Perfect for showing everyone how excited you are about winter ending or how sad you are that winter is here to stay.


Do you have a pool going with your friends about the outcome of Groundhog Day? Make the best guess you can by scoping out the weather forecast.

AccuWeather is one of the more sophisticated weather apps out there and gives you the ability to track weather systems on live radar and they will even give you predictions on where the systems are headed based on the current data.

AccuWeather will provide you with all the tools necessary to see what weather conditions will be like on February 2nd, so you can make a solid prediction and plan your outfit for all your Groundhog Day festivities.

Encyclopedia Britannica

Ever wanted to learn more about groundhogs? Well, now is your chance!

The Encyclopedia Britannica is a treasure trove of information and facts you never even knew existed — like how groundhogs are just one of 14 different species of marmots (who knew?). Fill your brain with as many facts about groundhogs and Groundhog Day as you can and impress your friends with your knowledge on the big day. You'll look like a genius!

Groundhog Stickers

Why not have a little fun with all your iMessage contacts this Groundhog Day?

The Groundhog Stickers pack comes with over 30 different fun groundhog stickers you can add to all your conversations.

Whether you're crying, laughing, or sleeping, this sticker pack will have a cute groundhog sticker you can use to convey the right emotion.

What apps will you use on Groundhog Day?

Get into the spirit of Groundhog day and let us know what apps can help you celebrate the fun! Leave a comment down below!

Updated February 2018: Added both Netflix and Starz to the list, so you know where you can watch the Groundhog Day film starring Bill Murray!

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