2017 is almost over (a giant relief for many) and it's time to celebrate another trip around the sun in style! Whether you plan to have a relaxing low-key New Year's Eve around the house or you're heading to the biggest party you can find, you can always increase your enjoyment of the night by downloading the right apps. Here's some of our favorite apps to help you ring in 2018.

Times Square Official New Year's Eve Ball app

You don't need to be in Times Square to enjoy the yearly classic celebration in New York, take the experience with you with the Times Square Official New Year's Eve Ball app.

The app has an on-going countdown to 2018, which is customizable to your timezone, and allows you to watch the famous ball drop live on New Year's Eve. Plus includes a live stream to the entire evening, so you don't have to miss any of the musical acts throughout the night.

You can even follow and interact with the Times Square Ball on Twitter throughout your celebrations as you watch the clock countdown!

New Year Photo Frames

Regardless of where you are New Year's Eve, you know you are going to be taking pictures throughout the evening to document your celebration, so why not make your photos extra festive with New Year Photo Frames.

These easy to add photo frames instantly tell the world you know how to party during the transition to the next calendar year! Plus, the app also has some cool stickers you can throw on to your photos to make them pop even more!


What better way to celebrate with family and friends than playing a great party game? Spaceteam let's you team up with 3 other players to twist dials, change sliders, turn knobs, and more — but you also have to shout out instructions to other players, all of whom have to do the same simultaneously.

Spaceteam is such a blast that iMore's very own Serentiy Caldwell included it as one of her best indie games for iPhone and iPad.

"I've played with friends, family, co-workers, and complete strangers and every time has been whimsical and unique."

Spaceteam is a surefire way to take any party to the next level!


Once that clock strikes midnight and 2018 is finally upon us, you're going to need to decide what your New Year's resolutions will be, lucky for you Streaks can help.

The app will let you track anything you want, everything from quitting smoking to learning how to code, so no matter what you want to accomplish in the coming year, Streaks will be able to help you do it.

While Streaks is not a dedicated weight loss app, it's really good and helping people who struggle with a routine to maintain one. Whether you need reminders to go to the gym, drink more water, log your last meal, or to read a book, Streaks can not only help you form a habit but make it a fun.

How are you celebrating tonight?

How do you plan to welcome 2018? Let us know in the comments below!

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