Best barbecue and grilling apps for iPhone: On the Grill, GrillTime, The Photo Cookbook, and more!

The best apps to help you master grilling techniques, time foods just right, and get fresh new ideas that keep your grill menu interesting!

Looking for the best iPhone apps to help you make the most of your grill season this year? Whether you're preparing for a cookout or just want new recipe ideas to spice up your family's menu, there are tons of apps available in the iOS App Store that can help. Another important aspect of grilling is making sure all your veggies and meats are timed just right. And you guessed it, there are apps for that too! The real question is, what iPhone apps are the absolute best when it comes to becoming the ultimate grill master?


Best barbecue and grilling apps for iPhone: GrillTime

GrillTime is not only a great general grilling guide in general, it's an excellent timer that helps you make sure whatever you have on the grill comes out perfect each and every time. I've found GrillTime to be especially convenient when cooking for larger groups where you have multiple kinds of meats on the grill at once. Set a time for each individual hamburger patty or set times for different types of foods, however you'd like to organize and time, GrillTime lets you do it. When your food is done, get a notification telling you it's time to remove or check on something.

While GrillTime is a decent grilling guide, it's the best all around grill timer you're going to find.

Weber's On the Grill

Best barbecue and grilling apps for iPhone: Weber's On the Grill

Weber's On the Grill is a recipe app that specializes in grilling and barbecuing. With recipes for tons of rubs, marinades, and sauces, you are sure to find something that'll keep everyone in your house happy. The Weber's On the Grill app also features over 100 tips to help you improve your techniques while grilling. If you need a basic timer, On the Grill has one of those too alone with guidelines for how long you should be cooking different kinds of meat, vegetables, and more. There's even a dessert section for when your'e feeling particularly adventurous.

For lots of amazing recipe ideas and technique tips, check out Weber's On the Grill.

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The Photo Cookbook - Barbecue Grilling

Best barbecue and grilling apps for iPhone: The Photo Cookbook - Barbecue Grilling

There are many different variants of The Photo Cookbook but this one deals specifically with grilling out. What makes this series so great are the beautiful photos that accompany each and every recipe. This particular version comes with over 60 recipes that are divided into sections consisting of meat, poultry, vegetables, and seafood. All are beautifully laid out with easy to follow directions complete with over 500 retina compatible images that detail every step.

If you're a visual person that does better with instructions containing pictures, The Photo Cookbook should be your go-to guide.


Best barbecue and grilling apps for iPhone: Grill-It!

Grill-It! is another recipe app that provides step by step instructions for tons of delicious recipes. What I like about Grill-It! is the variety it has for the low price tag it carriers. Whether you want seafood, burgers, brats, appetizer ideas, or something else, you'll most likely find something in Grill-It! that suits everyone's tastes. It makes for a great companion to general grill guides such as GrillTime.

For a wide variety of grilling and barbecue ideas, Grill-It! is a must have.

Barbecues & Grilling

Best barbecue and grilling apps for iPhone: Barbecues & Grilling

Barbecues & Grilling is another recipe app but focuses more on authentic BBQ recipes than it does simple grilling. Condiment lovers will particularly enjoy Barbecues & Grilling since there are tons of recipes for sauces as well. While Barbecues & Grilling may focus on BBQ, there is also a traditional grilling recipe section as well as a charcoal grilling section. The best part is you can enjoy all these recipes for free. If the ads bother you, it's only $0.99 to remove them.

Anyone who wants sauce and authentic BBQ grill recipes should be sure to check out Barbecues & Grilling.

Your picks for best barbecue and grilling apps for iPhone?

If you make it a point to hit the grill as often, are there apps you've found that have helped you improve your grilling techniques? Perhaps you've found some that added lots of awesome new recipes to your repertoire. Be sure to let us know what apps you use and why in the comments!