With the World Series just around the corner, you know you're going to want to know everything that's happening. Who's pitching, who's at bat, who's on base, who's leading, and of course you want to hear about all the big hits and catches as they are made.

While there are plenty of sports apps for your iPhone and iPad, there are few that are especially good for following the World Series as closely as possible.


theScore is the best sports app I have ever used. No app gives you up-to-date notifications about ongoing games, news, and scores faster than theScore. If a team scores a run, changes a pitcher, or bats a homer, you'll hear about it instantly.

You can even follow individual players, and you can customize alerts so that you only get pinged for what you want to know. theScore has a great-looking interface and setup is simple — just pick your leagues, pick your teams, and away you go.

theScore also has an Apple Watch app, so all the notifications you want about the World Series will instantly pop up on your wrist. Keeping track of the game was never easier.


While theScore is the best app for in-game notifications, the ESPN app really shines between games.

ESPN's news coverage is second to none. Offering in-depth analysis before, during, and after each game, ESPN does a fantastic job of keeping you up to speed. Who's the starting pitcher for the next game in the series, what does each coach have to say about their team's effort, and what the player believe they need to do to take it home, all this news and more.

You'll receive highlights of all the greatest plays, and you also get live streaming access to national and regional ESPN radio stations and podcasts, including live play-by-play.

MLB.com At Bat

They say it's better to hear the news straight from the source, and America's National Pastime has its own app in the form of MLB.com At Bat.

Great for people who are stats obsessed, MLB.com At Bat is the only app for your iPhone and iPad that will offer you the most in-depth stat sheets for each game before, during, and after. You can also sort batting, pitching, and fielding statistics and check out archive footage from classic games.

You can check out every detail, including stats and game day lineups, and for a yearly subscription fee of $19.99 (or $2.99/month if you'd rather go that route), you'll be able to check out live games (free if you subscribe to MLB.TV). With a premium subscription, you'll also be able to check out pitch-by-pitch features, which include realistic ballpark renderings.

How are you following the World Series?

What's your favorite sports app to follow the World Series and which team are you cheering for? Let us know in the comments below!

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