Best Bracelet Bands for Fitbit Alta HR iMore 2022

Some people think that wearing a fitness tracker means looking like you're about to hit the gym, no matter what you're wearing. Do you know what we call those people? Wrong! There's such a wide variety of stylish bracelet bands and options out there for your Fitbit Alta HR that it can get daunting at times. Still, luckily for you, we've put together this impressive list of the most fashion-forward bracelet bands available for your wearable.

Kanzd Jewelry Bracelet Band

Jewels meet tech: Kanzd Bracelet Replacement Band

Staff Pick

Who said a beaded band couldn't be beautifully brilliant and practical? Not us! That's why we love the Kanzd jeweled bracelet replacement band so gosh dang much. This fashionable, metallic band is designed to look more like a piece of fine jewelry thanks to the additional beads and pearls.

$13 at Amazon
Wearlizer bracelet band

She's beauty and she's functional: Wearlizer Metal Replacement Bangle

Say goodbye to boring, regular watch bands and hello to the Wearlizer Metal Replacement Bangle. This high-quality metal bangle sparkles and shines thanks to the rhinestones embedded into the sides. The clasp on this particular accessory is a drawstring-like closure, allowing you to adjust for a variety of wrist sizes. The Wearlizer Metal Replacement Bangle comes in five different colors: black, gold, pink gold, rose gold, and silver.

$19 at Amazon
Famobest hearts and rhinestones band

Hearts, bling, and style: Famobest Hearts and Rhinestones Replacement Band

Wear your heart on your sleeve and turn your Fitbit Alta HR into a piece of fine jewelry with the help of the Famobest Hearts and Rhinestones Replacement Band. This eye-catching yet durable band is easy to resize and is comfortable to wear day-to-day. The heart design on the glittery and sparkling Famobest Hearts and Rhinestones Replacement Band comes in two different colors, including silver and rose gold.

$17 at Amazon
bayite rhinestone band

All that glitters...: bayite Jewelry Adjustment Bangle

Bet you didn't know you could pair your Fitbit Alta HR with a bangle bracelet base, did you, buddy? The bayite Jewelry Adjustment Bangle is a highly rated and incredibly fashion-forward design that looks both stunning and elegant on your wrist. Turn your wearable into a high-fashion accessory with the bayite Jewelry Adjustment Bangle's gold, rose gold, silver, and black color options. If there are any issues, a one year warranty has you covered.

$17 at Amazon
Wearlizer Metal Bracelet Band

Shiny, sleek, and super stylish: Wearlizer Woven Metal Bangle Wrist Strap

Simple, classy, and more like fine art than a band, the Wearlizer Woven Metal Bangle Wrist Strap is an eye-catching accessory that'll have people asking how much you spent on such a luxurious looking group. This sturdy yet stylish strap is easy to adjust to a variety of wrist sizes, while the stainless steel buckle ensures the band won't slip off your wrist. You can pick up the Wearlizer Woven Metal Bangle Wrist Strap in black, gold, rose gold, pink gold, or silver, or metal combinations like silver and rose gold and silver and gold.

$20 at Amazon
bayite leather band

Leather luxury meets mighty metal: bayite Leather Metal Clasp Cord Wristband

Mesh the worlds of leather and metal together with this modern and striking bayite Leather Metal Clasp Cord Wristband. This particular band is made with a soft, comfortable leather base and is accented with hints of rhinestones, metal, beads, and more. This wristband is designed with a secure lock so it won't slip off your wrist. You can pick up this piece of jewelry in five different metal/leather/bead combinations.

From $19 at Amazon

Add some bling-bling!

Finding the ideal band for your fitness tracker can be tricky, but it's even tougher when you start factoring in features like beading, rhinestones, pearls, and so much more. We love the look and design of the Kanzd Bracelet Replacement Band. It adds a lot of glam to your simple smartwatch, making it match your extra personality.

We also love the price tag (and the bling!) of the bayite Jewelry Adjustment Bangle. This will add shine and glam to your Alta, making it look like a piece of jewelry as opposed to a watch. Regardless of what you end up deciding on, we hope you're able to find a bracelet band that works with you.

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