Buying a new band for your Fitbit Blaze is a matter of personal choice. The look, feel, and materials used are all things you'll likely consider. There are plenty of options available to you if you're looking to ditch the standard silicone band that came with your purchase.

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Fitbit Blaze leather band

The leather band for the Fitbit Blaze has a classic and clean look. The leather is soft and shouldn't irritate your skin. It is made from genuine leather; you can be assured it won't fall apart on you. As with most leather bands, it takes a little bit of time to break in and fit your wrist perfectly. The Fitbit leather band comes in three colors: black, camel, and misty gray.

$22 at Amazon

Classic metal links

Fitbit Blaze metal band

Fitbit's metal link band is made entirely out of stainless steel and has adjustable links to ensure you always get the right fit. This band will give your Blaze a fresh and stylish look. It is important to note Fitbit recommends you don't use this band for workouts. This is a band to buy if you enjoy wearing your Fitbit 24/7 and want to show off your flashy fashion sense when you're not getting sweaty at the gym

$23 at Amazon

Colorful silicone

UMTELE Sport silicone band

If you'd like a silicone band that's different than the standard one from Fitbit, the UMTELE Sport silicone band is flashy and functional. The holes around the wristband help your skin breathe while you're working out, so the band shouldn't feel as wet after you've been sweating. Plus, there are a ton of color options to choose from, so whether you want something bright and vibrant or more toned down, you should have an easy time finding the right style.

$12 at Amazon

Magnetic clasp

Oitom Milanese stainless steel loop band

Stainless steel bands are fantastic and the Oitom Milanese stainless steel loop band gives you that stylish endless loop look for a very good price. The band comes with the metal frame for your Fitbit Blaze, so you don't even have to change the pins, just pop your Blaze into the band and you're ready to go. The magnetic end ensures that you will never need to add or take out any links, and makes it super easy to take on and off.

$14 at Amazon

Heavy-duty protection

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro band and case

More than just a band, the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro band and case offers rugged protection for your Fitbit Blaze, so regardless of one extreme the activity you're doing is, you'll be able to bring your Blaze along with you. The band is made from silicone, meaning it can get as sweaty and dirty as it needs to, and will wash off easily when you're done!

$17 at Amazon

Unique design

iHillon fabric band

The iHillon fabric band for the Fitbit Blaze has a unique design made from a canvas fabric on the outside of the band, but genuine leather on the inside. It's leather accents on the band give the beautiful fabric an elegant look, and it comes with a 180-day warranty.

$14 at Amazon

With a brand new band, your Fitbit Blaze can feel like new again and look better than ever. Any of the bands listed above will do you justice, but for me personally, I like the iHillon fabric band. It's different from other bands on the market, and really makes it your Blaze pop on your wrist.

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