Best Fitbit Versa (Gen 1) Screen Protectors iMore 2022

Sometimes you just need a little extra layer of security in life, especially when it comes to your precious gadgets. A decent screen protector for your favorite fitness tracker is a great place to start. We have picked out the best of the best Fitbit Versa (Gen 1) and Versa Lite Screen protectors to keep your Fitbit fitness tracker secure n' scratch-free.

KIMLAR screen protector

Bye-bye damage: KIMLAR Fitbit Versa Waterproof Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Staff Pick

Scratch-resistant? Check. Waterproof? Check. Affordable? Check. Highly-rated? Check check and double-check! The KIMLAR Fitbit Versa Waterproof Tempered Glass Screen Protector will keep your Versa's screen in prime condition throughout the wear and tear of your daily life.

$6 at Amazon
QIBOX screen protector

Tempered glass = peace of mind: QIBOX Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Looking for a screen protector that'll keep your Fitbit Versa secure and scratch-free? Then take a peek at the QIBOX Tempered Glass Screen Protector option. If you damage one screen, never fear: the QIBOX Tempered Glass Screen Protector comes in a pack of three. They promise 99.99% clarity and will not affect the touchscreen.

$7 at Amazon
GHIJKL screen protector

Cover case: GHIJKL Ultra Slim Full Cover Case

For even MORE protection, slap one of these soft cover cases on your Versa. The screen protector is built into the case, and it comes in a three-pack with several different color options and combinations, including black, silver, clear, blue, purple, gold, rose gold, coffee, and red.

$9 at Amazon
NANW screen protector

Protective and pragmatic: NANW Screen Protector

Durable, easy to install, and highly-rated online, the ANW Fitbit Versa Screen Protector is bound to protect your Fitbit Versa from all angles. It also comes in a four-pack, so if you break one, you have several spares.

$7 at Amazon
EZCO screen protector

No more air bubbles: EZCO 4-Pack Screen Protector

This pack of screen protectors is a tempered glass option that is both scratch-resistant and anti-bubble. It's easy to install and comes with four protectors, giving you extras when it's time to change it.

$7 at Amazon
XIMU screen protector

A colorful array: XIMU Screen Protector Case

If you want a more colorful protector case for your Fitbit Versa, then these are the perfect option for you. These come in the standard black and white colors, along with fun choices like rose gold and lilac.

From $9 at Amazon

Save that screen

I used to scoff at the idea of putting a screen protector on my watch, but after many bumps, scratches, and drops, I quickly saw the utility of these accessories. Not only are they durable and easy to put on your Versa, but they are also a very inexpensive way to keep your smartwatch safe.

The great thing about many of the options here is they come in affordable multi-packs, so just in case you do damage one, you have a few spares. This avoids the annoyance of having to look at your fitness tracker through a scratched or impaired layer of protection.

The NANW Screen Protector is an excellent choice with its four-pack, and we think the GHIJKL Ultra Slim Full Cover Case is a novel approach to your protection problems. However, our top pick for Fitbit Versa screen protectors is the KIMLAR Fitbit Versa Waterproof Tempered Glass Screen Protector. Not only are these durable and scratch-resistant, but they are some of the most highly-rated screen protectors out there.

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