Best gig car services so you don't need a designated driver on St. Patrick's Day

Car Drive
Car Drive (Image credit: @samuele_piccarini/

With the car services available in this day in age, there is no reason to risk lives by driving drunk. Book a car service with one of these apps in seconds, and get a safe ride home no matter how much you've been partying. Pay for your ride right on your smartphone within these apps, so there's no need to handle cash or credit cards.


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Uber App Screenshots

Uber App Screenshots (Image credit: Uber Technologies)

Uber is incredibly easy to use, available all over, and competitively priced. You can save money by sharing a ride using UberPOOL. At the other end of the spectrum, you can get a fancy car for a special night out with the high-end UberBLACK.


Lyft App Screenshots

Lyft App Screenshots (Image credit: Lyft)

It's always good to have a couple of ridesharing app options on your phone, in case one has limited availability or just to compare prices. Lyft tends to be a little cheaper than Uber.

Easy Taxi, a Cabify app

Easy Taxi A Cabify App

Easy Taxi A Cabify App (Image credit: Maxi Mobility)

Easy Taxi, a Cabify app lets you book either a car or a taxi (or even a scooter, though perhaps not for St. Patrick's Day) from the same app. You'll get a variety of prices and services to choose from right within the app.

InDriver: Offer your fare

Indriver Offer Your Fare App Screenshots

Indriver Offer Your Fare App Screenshots (Image credit: INDRIVERRU)

In the mood to bargain? You choose the price you're willing to pay up front, your point A and point B, and then choose from a list of drivers. By negotiating directly with the drivers this way, you can save some money.

Gett - Worldwide Ground Travel

Gett Worldwide Ground Travel App Screenshots

Gett Worldwide Ground Travel App Screenshots (Image credit: GT Get Taxi)

Gett is coming after Uber and Lyft with its global appeal. You can hail a cab, order a car, or book a limousine all over the world. This app is aimed more at world travelers than St. Patrick's Day partiers, but it's a good app to have.

Via: Low-Cost Ride-Sharing

Via Low Cost Ride Sharing App Screenshots

Via Low Cost Ride Sharing App Screenshots (Image credit: Via Transportation)

Save some money by booking a ride with Via; it works a bit differently. Rather than picking you up and dropping you off at a specific location, each car has set routes. So, you may have to walk a bit to your pickup and dropoff spots. Via is only available in select cities.

Pick a ride, any ride

Seriously, just don't drive when you've had a few. It's so easy to book a car service so you can ride home worry-free. You can choose from a variety of price points, depending on whether you're more interested in luxury and convenience or saving some money. Any way you go, by hiring yourself a "designated driver," you're freeing yourself up to just enjoy the evening. Let us know in the comments which your favorite ridesharing service is.

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