Best grilling utility apps for your summer cookouts

When summer hits full swing, our thoughts turn to outdoor fun and food, which usually means grilling up meats and veggies while putting back a few cold ones. If you want to be the king of the grill this summer, we've got a list of the best apps for cooking over an open flame.

Weber Grills

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Weber makes one of the most common household grills around, and the companion app turns you into an expert on open-flame cooking. It also has timers with suggested cooking times for the perfect barbecue.

The Recipes section features dozens of delicious-looking meals straight off the grill. You can add items from the recipe cards to your shopping list. The Grill Guide provides general information on how hot the grill should be and how long you should cook specific items, like veggies, poultry, seafood, and beef.

You can also read up on best practices for grilling with gas or charcoal, how to cook fruits and veggies over an open flame, and more.

Of course, Weber wants to be a part of your family, so there is a section dedicated to all of the grilling products the company has to offer.

If you are a Weber owner, or just want a great go-to app for recipes and a useful guide for cooking times, grab Weber Grills.

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Weber iGrill

If you're a Weber fan, then you may have a few smart Weber products, or are thinking about getting one. These smart products can help you track the temperature of your grilled meats, timers, and more. It can even let you know when your food has reached your desired temperature, so no more overcooked or undercooked meat again!

The Weber iGrill app is compatible with the following products:

  • iGrill Mini
  • iGrill 2
  • iGrill 3
  • Pulse 1000
  • Pulse 2000
  • Kitchen Thermometer
  • Kitchen Thermometer Mini
  • iGrill Classic

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So, you're savvy with grilling, but want a meat timer to keep you from burning dinner. GrillTime will make you look like an expert without effort. Select the food you are cooking on the grill, get the suggestions for how hot the grill should be, when to flip the goods, and internal temperature suggestions.

Tap to add a timer for as many items as you wish and set them whenever you are ready. If you can tell you'll need a few more minutes, you can increase the time manually. With all timers set up on one screen, you have a clear idea of when each type of food should go on the grill. For example, bell peppers take longer to cook than steaks. So, you can quickly glance at your list of timers and know that you should drop those veggies about five minutes before you throw on the meats.

If you can competently grill over an open flame, but need a bit of help doing the delicate ballet of food cook times, let GrillTime make it easier.

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The Pit Pal

For the seasoned veteran of grilling, barbecuing, and smoking, the Pit Pal is going to be your new sidekick. With it, you can set up a dashboard with the name of your cookout, the type of cooker you are using, the food you are cooking, the temperature you want to reach, and more.

You can set up a timer within the app to remind you when it is time to check the meat. If you use a BBQ Guru CyberQ WIFI, CyberQ Cloud, or Stoker WIFI Thermometer, you can connect them to this app and set up a notification to alert you when your food has reached a certain temperature.

All of your backyard cooking events will be saved for future reference so you can go back and see how long it took to get your grill the right temperature and your food cooked to perfection.

If you know your way around a grill, barbecue pit, or smoker, the Pit Pal will be your personal outdoor cooking journal.

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meater wireless meat thermometer

If you're grilling, you need a proper meat thermometer to make sure that your food reaches the proper temperature. One of our favorites is the Meater Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer, and the app is excellent.

The Meater Thermometer has a wireless range of 165 feet, and the probe features two sensors. That means you get to measure the internal temperature as well as the exterior, simultaneously. The app will walk you through the cooking process to get you the best results. You're able to get custom alerts and notifications based on certain temperatures and times, so your meat is never over or undercooked. Your cooking history is saved too, so you can simply repeat the process with a tap.

The Meater app requires the Meater Smart Thermometer, which our own Lory Gil gave a glowing review. The Meater Smart Thermometer costs around $100 on Amazon.

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Your favorite?

Do you have a favorite go-to app for backyard grilling that we didn't mention? Let us know what it is and why you love it.

May 2019: Added Meater and iGrill to the list.

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