With Hanukkah starting this evening, lots of families, communities, and friends will gather together over the holiday season to celebrate and enjoy time together. Whether you go all out for the entire celebration or you have one giant party on the last day, these apps are perfect companions to help you make the most out of your Hanukkah celebrations.

The Manischewitz Recipe & Holiday Guide

If you're hosting any Hanukkah festivities this year or heading to a celebration that requires you to bring a dish, The Manischewitz Recipe & Holiday Guide will get you cooking and make your dish the best it can be!

With step-by-step directions to make some tasty traditional dishes from notable Kosher chefs, your dish will be the talk of the party! Plus, you can keep this app all year around and find recipes for all the major Jewish holidays including Rosh Hashanah, Passover, Shabbat, and Shavuot.

Chai on Chanukah

Chai on Chanukah is an amazing app if you have small children that are just learning about all the traditions and meaning behind the season.

This colorful and simple app has plenty of activities to keep little ones learning and entertained. Spin the Dreidel, light a Menorah, and even go through an interactive version of the Hanukkah story, Chai on Chanukah can be a real learning tool for children.

The app also allows your child open digital presents for each day of the celebration, so you can keep the fun rolling through the entire holiday.


Reading from the Torah is a popular tradition for some families when Hanukkah rolls around, and if you don't feel like carrying around the actual book, PocketTorah is here to lighten your load.

Whether you prefer to read from the Torah in the original Hebrew text or prefer a more updated english translation, PocketTorah will provide. Plus, you can even tap for audio to help you pronounce words or phrases, meaning you can brush up on your Hebrew while you read!

Is it Kosher?

Whether it's shopping for the season or just every other day of the year, trying to stay Kosher at the supermarket can be difficult. Lucky for you, the app Is it Kosher?, is here to help you out.

Scan a product's barcode and instantly learn if what you're about to buy is Kosher or not. The database of food is extensive expanding to over 60 countries including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, France, UK, Finland, and many more.

Which apps do you use?

Celebrating Hanukkah? Which app do you use? Let us know in the comments below.

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