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Best HomeKit apps for Apple Watch 2022

Homerun Apple Watch App displayed on an Apple Watch
Homerun Apple Watch App displayed on an Apple Watch (Image credit: Christopher Close / iMore)

Even though the Apple Watch has Siri and a slimmed-down version of the Home app already on board, tons of third-party apps can make controlling and managing your home from your wrist faster and more convenient. Want to jump quickly into the live view of one of your HomeKit cameras? Or do you need help troubleshooting a problematic Bluetooth accessory? There's an app for that! Here are our picks for the best HomeKit apps for Apple Watch.

HomeRun 2 for HomeKit

Homerun 2 For Apple Watch App Screens

Homerun 2 For Apple Watch App Screens (Image credit: Pearce Media Limited)

HomeRun 2 for HomeKit is hands down the best way to access your HomeKit accessories while on the go. This app puts your favorite HomeKit scenes directly on your watch face with customizable complications that set everything in motion with a single tap.

Tapping into the actual HomeRun app presents you with a clean grid of HomeKit scenes, which you can customize with tons of icons and colors. If that wasn't enough, the HomeRun 2 app also has daily routines that change the scenes shown on your watch face, including the Siri face, based on the time of the day.

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HomeRun 2 for HomeKit brings your favorite scenes directly to your Apple Watch face, making them available with just a tap.

Home+ 5

Home 5 Apple Watch Screens

Home 5 Apple Watch Screens (Image credit: Matthias Hochgatterer)

The Home+ 5 app has been the gold standard for HomeKit power users for years due to its ability to show data and automation that you can't get in Apple's Home app. If you have ever wanted to tweak things like microphone levels or create complex automation, this is the app.

Over on the Apple Watch, Home+ 5 lets you view accessories, scenes, and cameras that you deem as favorites. Groups of accessories and their data are also available, presenting metrics like battery life for all of your wireless devices with just a flick of the wrist.

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Home+ 5 goes above and beyond the stock Home app on iOS and Apple Watch. In addition to setting scenes, this app can give you all of the nerdy stats and device states that you crave right on the small screen.

HomeCam for HomeKit

HomeCam Apple Watch App

HomeCam Apple Watch App (Image credit: Pearce Media Limited)

Let's face it, trying to view a HomeKit camera from the Apple Watch Home app can be a little painful. Thankfully, HomeCam for HomeKit can help by stripping away all of the other accessories you may have. This app puts your camera views front and center — just a tap away.

HomeCam doesn't just show you your cameras; it also allows you to interact with the action using the built-in microphone on your Apple Watch. You can even use the Digital Crown to adjust your camera's volume with a simple spin.

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HomeCam is the quickest way to view your HomeKit cameras directly on your watch, keeping you aware of all the action.

Controller for HomeKit

Controller For Homekit Apple Watch App Screens

Controller For Homekit Apple Watch App Screens (Image credit: Jan Andre)

Controller for HomeKit is an essential iOS HomeKit app that combines several powerful utilities into one app that is free to try. Utilities include the ability to backup your scenes, room names, and automation; plus it also provides event logs and even stores your HomeKit pairing codes.

On the wrist, the Controller for HomeKit app allows you to run scenes and create a custom complication that lives right on your watch face. Just keep in mind that you will need to upgrade to a Pro subscription to unlock the most advanced features and the ability to create Apple Watch screens.

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Controller for HomeKit brings your scenes and a custom complication to your wrist.

HomeScan for HomeKit

Homescan Apple Watch App

Homescan Apple Watch App (Image credit: Pearce Media Limited)

The HomeScan for HomeKit app is one of those utilities that you may not use every day, but it will come in handy at some point over your smart home journey. This clever app scans for Bluetooth signals in your home and displays their signal strength based on your current location.

Simply choose an accessory you want to monitor on the iPhone version of the app, and walk around your home while wearing your Apple Watch. The Watch app will display the real-time signal strength of an accessory you are tracking, which is excellent for diagnosing a problematic connection or determining the best spot for your latest gear.

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Have a Bluetooth accessory that is on the slow side? This app can show your accessory's signal strength right on your wrist.


Home Dash Apple Watch App

Home Dash Apple Watch App (Image credit: inbrillio UG (haftungsbeschrankt))

The HomeDash app takes the HomeKit experience to the next level through customizable "dashboards" that you can use to replace the vanilla Home app. Slick sliders and convenient controls look stunning on a wall-mounted iPad, and they give you the data you care about the most at a glance.

While it may not be as flashy as its iOS cousins, HomeDash on the Apple Watch still makes finding your favorite accessories and scenes faster than the Home app. Navigating your home by room on the watch keeps things consistent, and handy shortcut buttons speed up controls.

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See your favorite scenes and navigate things quicker by jumping from room to room with the HomeDash app.

HomePass for HomeKit

HomePass Apple Watch App

HomePass Apple Watch App (Image credit: Pearce Media Limited)

HomeKit pairing codes, those little stickers with the QR code and the eight digits included with every accessory, seem to have a knack for getting thrown away or just getting lost around the home. Unfortunately, these codes are crucial to the pairing process, and if you can't track them down, you won't be able to add them back to the Home app.

HomePass for HomeKit aims to solve this problem by offering a place to store all of your codes in one convenient app. Once you enter one of your codes, you can access it from any iOS device, including your Apple Watch. Now you can pull up the code any time, and the Apple Watch can even show the QR code, allowing you to scan it with your phone.

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HomePass stores all of your HomeKit pairing codes, making them just a few taps away on both the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Control your home from your wrist with the best HomeKit apps for Apple Watch

Controlling our smart homes with our phones and Siri is great, but the best remote is the one you always have with you — or on you — thanks to the Apple Watch. The best HomeKit apps for Apple Watch allow you to put controls directly onto your watch face, and some strip out all of the fluff, providing quick access to camera feeds. As you can see, there is always an app to meet your needs.

Updated April 2022: Updated with the latest Apple Watch app picks.

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